The Author

Welcome Friends! I'm the author of M&M - You can call me Ashlee. And I'd like to welcome you all to my little humble blog-abode, Makeup & Modified's.

Makeup and Modified's was originally created in 2004 under a different name. In 2014, I changed the name to what it is now and revamped my site. Through the changes my mission for my blog has remained the same: To inspire, spread love and kindness; and to uplift each other women to women. 

From  Astrology and everything Metaphysical, to recipes, life hacks, marriage, and beauty tips - I'm hoping that you all find a little something to take from your time here on Makeup and Modified's. - XO


By Day, I'm a Licensed Cosmetologist who loves everything hair, makeup, and skin - but my favorite part of my job is making those around me feel as beautiful as they truly are. I'm a Fur Mom to 2 Boxer Pups: Modi and Nova. I'm Married to a wonderful human who I refer to as Speedracer. And I' a Gemini (this will explain alot)

By Night, Yoga. Mindfulness. Law of Attraction. Crystals. Manifestation. Tarot. God. Health. Fitness. Simple Living. Healthy Living. Mind Body Spirit. Mental Health. Raw Conversations. -- These are what I'm inspired by.


~ I have 2 congenital heart defects
~ I'm a National Cheerleading Champion
~ I've written for my hometowns newspaper
~ I have 13 tattoos that I absolutely love
~ Harry Potter is my favorite story ever written
~ I was a teacher for 7 years
~ My Husband and I are complete opposites
~ I'm barefoot 98% of the time because I hate shoes
~ My Obsession with Peter Pan is real
~ I believe the world is a better place because of the mountains
~ I can sing country music one minute and headband to rock the next
~ I have an unhealthy addiction to peach tea
~ I want to adopt one day
~ I am terrified of the ocean
~ I know how to drive a tractor
~ I'm a Gemini 
~ I have a Gypsy Soul and Hippie Heart
~ I've sang on stage with country singer, Martina McBride - twice!
~ I've won the award for "Best Comedic Relief" 4 times
~ Writing is my best way of communication
~ My Older Sister, Mom, and Dad are my 3 Best Friends
~ I believe in Kindness and I believe in Love