Wednesday, February 27, 2019

The Release

 The release.

Open your heart to the release.

Open your heart to releasing all that is holding you back from rising up. 

Open your soul and be unafraid of what climbs out.

Release your fear.

Release toxic thoughts telling you to not do something.

Release fear of reaction, and take action.

Release the feeling you're being judged.

Release judgment you've placed upon yourself.

Release the Release.

Have Grace. Find Grace. Be Grace. 

Rise Up.

This is your time. 

Go Now. 

- From My Morning Meditation, 2/27/19

Oh, My Sisters, My Brothers, My Friends.
I wish I could physically drop a piece of my heart into every single one of you so that you knew how worthy you are. So just know, I am sending you the utmost amount of love and reassurance this morning. You are blossoming into who you are truly meant to be, who you have always been. Trust the process. Be kind to yourself and to those around you still struggling. We can only focus on our individual, internal, healing. And by focusing on what needs to heal within us, we are able to touch the lives of those still in despair. When I shine, You shine. When You Shine, I shine. We together can shine. 

We are in the final days of February, a time where so many of us celebrate Love. Now we are heading into March, where Spring is upon us (can I get an Amen!) and this is the time to GROW. GROW UP AND OUT! Grow your love whether that is for the people in your life, your passions, or the love for yourself. Plant the seeds you wish to nurture during this next month. Remember, we are still in a moment of healing. Pisces season is teaching us that - gather her energy and let it in. Let it heal you so you are able to grow! 

I Grow where I let Go

Love Yourself First, but don't forget to Love other people - A

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