Monday, February 18, 2019

Happy Birthday! It's Pisces Season

Happy Birthday, Pisces Babes!
( February 19th - March 20th) 

Early this morning, we have slipped into the last zodiac in the circle, Pisces. Our Dreamer, our intuitive, our mystical zodiac. 

Duality: Feminine
Triplicity: Water
Quadruplicity: Mutable
Polarity: Virgo

Pisces is receptive, emotional, imaginative, intuitive, and changeable. Pisces is considered our "old soul," zodiac sign for they are believed to have experienced other lives in the past. Sitting at the end of the Zodiac wheel, she brings reincarnation, rebirth, and refinement into our lives. 

Pisces is ruled by Water, her element sign. Her glyph is two fishes tied together and represents emotion and higher consciousness which connects us to the material world. As Pisces is the fish, she is connected to the ocean and much like the ocean, she is not confined.  Her main priority is to connect with her dreams, flow with whatever direction she is going in, and being confident that wherever she ends up is exactly where she needs to be. Her deep understanding of self and the universe help her surrender with ease as she is unafraid. She knows the universe has her back. The energy of this season is to connect with the whole being. Pisces moto is very much, " I am you, You are I, We are together." - Pisces believes in the much larger picture. When most ask the common question of what are we as humans doing here on earth? Pisces knows that collectively, we are all the same. Instead of asking the divine what you need in your life, Pisces encourages you to ask your self. Your Higher Consciousness. Pisces is the sign of the Intuitive. Focus on tapping into your intuition this season. Your intuition will never steer you in the wrong direction. 

Being a Water Sign, Pisces is ruled by Neptune. We all know Neptune as the Ancient God of the Sea. Neptune = Roman Sea God. Poseidon = Greek Sea God. (perspectively they are the same person.) In Astrology, Neptune is the Planet of illusion, glamour, mystery, and deception. Much like the open sea, you never know which direction Neptune will go in. The good news about Pisces is how easily you learn to adapt to the ever-changing currents of the sea. 

Neptune represents your dream life and mystical life. The Planet of Bewitchment. Neptune, as is Pisces, is connected to spiritual matters. As they connect with the 12th House of Spirituality. Here is where we learn that everything in this life is energy. You are Energy. I am Energy. The Sun, the Moon, our emotions. Everything in this world is an energy field. We create and move energy vibrations in everything thing we do. When we learn how to acknowledge these vibrations and understand that they connect to the world as a whole, we can better understand the ebb and flow of life. The position of Neptune in your natal chart is where your life goals, ideas, and visions lay. However, Pisces sitting in our 12th House is also the house of Secrets, Sorrows, and Undoings. It doesn't have to be a dark and depression space though. It defines the limitations placed on our lives, including our self-undoing. Being aware of this placement can help us move with ease so we don't fall victim to the dark side of this house. 

This season, allow Pisces to wrap you up in a universal blanket. Dive into your dreams, listen to your intuition when it comes to decisions and choices. Let yourself tell you to want and to need. Listen to your highest sense of self. Pisces encourages us to trust ourselves. Trusting ourselves will bring us closer to finding our lives purpose. She will show us the evolution of ourselves. (As she is the past life zodiac). Surrender yourself to prayer and divination this season and connect with your spirituality. In order to evolve, we must learn to let go of all expectations we and others have set on ourselves. 

Release the urge to control every situation. Let Go and watch what happens when you give up the reigns. Do not force and do not push your will. The 12th House governs accidents and disappointments. When we push too hard, we can cause accidents and disappointments in our world. Set your intentions and then leave them to manifest without trying to force them to happen. Detach and go with the flow, just like fish in the sea. (IE. Pisces, our Fish zodiac).

Pisces Mantra(s):

"I Let Go of Control for the Universe has my Back"
" It is my Dream, Therefore it is Mine."

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