Tuesday, February 19, 2019

2019 Full Moon in Virgo (Pisces Sun)

We Start off our day with the Full Moon in Virgo which was exact at 7:53am PST. We will be under her energy today and through tomorrow.

We also entered a new season as our sun has entered the last on the Zodiac Wheel, Pisces, yesterday morning. Happy Birthday, Fishes!

A Full Moon occurs when our sun and moon are in opposition or polarity. The Full Moon brings an abundance of energy and heightens our emotional senses. At the peak of the lunar cycle, the full moon brings mystery into our vibration and we get a taste of her magical workings. The Full Moon is an expansion of all things. She amplifies all surrounding energies, workings, emotions, and takes them to an even higher element. Since our emotional body is heightened, the full moon gives us the opportunity to be more aware, more connected.  We must learn to become more present in our energies to truly understand how we can raise our vibrations and shift our energy in any direction that we choose. If we haven't been acknowledging an emotion, the full moon will take over our subconscious and bring all suppressed feelings to the surface. This isn't to harm us, this is so we can release and let go of any pain, anger, and tension that no longer serves us or creates happiness. After we let go of whatever has been holding us back, we are able to forgive and find gratitude. The Full Moon is the perfect time for such. When we forgive our letdowns, we are also able to find gratitude in them. By doing so, we are acknowledging that we've now made room for positive vibration and anything we've been trying to manifest into our lives.  

Our Full Moon falls in the sign of Virgo: The Goddess, The Virgin, and the Mother. She is powerful and capable of healing. Virgo gives us structure and stability, much like a mother teaching her child with discipline. A Virgo Moon loves perfection and nurturing others as it's their greatest asset. However, they give so much to others that sometimes they forget to take care of themselves. (Again, much like a mother to her children. Virgo is one of our most intuitive signs. Her mother's intuition helps her to heal others and transform them into their best self. She is flexible, adaptable to her surroundings and will not be tied to space. There is nothing she wouldn't do to create the perfect energy and vibration for the ones around her. When she works towards something, she wants it to be whole as she is the symbol of completeness. 

When Virgo meets up with the Full Moon, this is giving us the opportunity to heal. The Full Moon is the best time to Let Go of things that are holding you back from growing into your best self. Virgo teaches us boundaries. She helps us create barriers (boundaries) for things we allow and do not allow within our space and energy field. Although Virgo creates boundaries with ease, this is a task that takes many years to perfect. Virgo, although a perfectionist, is reminding you that you don't need to get it perfect the first time, you just need to work towards setting boundaries that you can work with. What energy do you want in your space? What energy will you not tolerate in your space? These are questions Virgo wants you to answer. Having boundaries will show other people what they can and can't get away with when it comes to you. It's important. 

A Full Moon is trying to find a balance between two polarities. So we also have Pisces energy to work with. This is the axis point between the 6th House of Service ( Virgo ) and the 12th House of Spirituality, Undoings, and illusion ( Pisces). The Good News for this particular Full Moon is that Pisces and Virgo are both signs that connect with the spiritual realm; just through different spaces. While Virgo demands space, Pisces says space is limitless. Virgo wants us to stay in the boundaries we've set, while Pisces wants us to connect with all things. Pisces wants us to listen to our intuition and go with the flow of life. No Structure needed. Pisces allows us to be aware of all vibrational frequencies because she believes all things are energy. (and it's true.) While Pisces wants us to tap to inward energy so we can tap to outward energy; Virgo wants us to stay grounded and disciplined. Thus, we need to find a balance between these two signs. 

Though polarities, Virgo and Pisces have the same ability to Heal. Call in energies of both signs while meditating. Follow the vibration of intuition, structure, and flow. Gather all the information you can about your limitless dreams and your boundaries. When we sit and listen to our intuition, we are never steered in the wrong direction. Only what we are called towards. All yourself to be called in whatever direction you feel high vibration in without control or judgment. The Full Moon is the perfect time to LET GO and let the higher divine/universe take over. 

Once you have let go and released any pain or tension - this is the time to set intentions or further elaborate on the intentions you set during the new moon. Speak your deepest desires and dreams (Pisces) into the universe and let the divine manifest your dreams in the order (Virgo) it is meant to happen. No Control. Just Trust. 

Happy Full Moon, Darlings & Good Luck!

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