Friday, January 4, 2019

1st New Moon of 2019: Capricorn

"There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind" - C.W. Lewis

Tomorrow, Saturday, January 5th, we meet with our very first New Moon of 2019 and let me tell you, she is ready to get to work! Our New Moon is in Capricorn; our cardinal earth sign. This New Moon comes at a powerful time to set intentions and begin to manifest your truest desires into your reality. Just a few days after the New Year makes this New Moon a quintessential time to really ask yourself what you want, not only for this year of 2019 but long-term. Capricorn is the zodiac of Longevity/Long-term. 

Why do we celebrate the New Moon?
The New Moon is the very start of our moon cycle, a time when the sun and moon are conjunct (joined together) in the same sign and the energies are sending us powerful signs and instructions. This is the time to spend speaking to the intentions that we want to set for this next month - what we wish to manifest into our lives. Our moon is now dark, and although dark, a beautiful stillness radiates through our sky and into our very existence. We are able to catch a glance at our future with hopes and dreams during this time, and just as the new moon is in its rebirth stage so is our future. Thus, we celebrate the endless possibilities that we are beginning to manifest. 

This New Moon sits between Saturn and Pluto (both in which are in Capricorn; Saturn being Capricorns Ruler) Saturn is the planet of responsibility and is the symbol of hard work ethic. When he pairs with Capricorn we see our truest ambitions, our independence, and we learn self-discipline. Ask yourself where you can add more discipline to your life. Do you get distracted easily? Where do you feel limited? Saturn reminds us that our time is valuable and helps to apply patience and commit to the steps we must take to achieve our goals. Pluto, our often misunderstood planet, governs all that is the deeper meaning of life. Where he sits in our chart can tell us many different sides to our personal lives: past, present, and future. He highlights our evolution. When these two planetary aspects join together, it may seem overwhelming, as if all your decisions need to be planned in stone. This isn't true. However, how you decide to go about manifesting and what you decide to focus on while under this new moon could very well carry out your future. One that you may have not really wanted to ask for. So be careful, meditate, and take the time to really speak from your hearts desires. 

 The energy of Capricorn wants you to dig deep to your core, connect to the vision your heart is showing you. Take a moment to sit with your heart and think of your life as if you were watching it on the movie screen. Say someone wrote a movie about your life - Who would be in it? Not talking celebrities portraying you. But who would be in your life's movie? A Partner/Spouse? Kids? Your Best Friend? Who is your best friend? Who is apart of your "Tribe?" Who is with you for the long haul. And where would this film take place? Starting off in your hometown, to where you currently, and where you want to end up building a life? Would you travel? Who is with you? What is your dream job? and where does it take you? Where is your office? Do you have an office? Or is your dream job one you can do from the comfort of your home? WRITE IT ALL DOWN! Really Dig deep. Capricorn is giving you the tools to break down your core values and main priorities. 

If you are stuck on the answers to these questions, No Fear. Here is a simple question that will make you go back in time and pull out your hearts desires. 

I want you to find a comfortable seat in a quiet, comfortable location. Close your eyes and think of your 8-year-old self. Where are you? What would 8 year old you be doing at this moment? What did you want to be when you were 8 years old? What dreams did you have as a kid and Where did you dream you'd go? Who did you want to be before the world told you who you had to be? Don't be too quick to answer these questions, as you shouldn't with the questions above. This may be triggering for a lot of us, as childhood trauma could stir feelings up. Or maybe you will find yourself emotional because you feel as if you lost that child-like spirit you once had. It's okay. Feel into those feelings, return to concentrating on your breath, and then let it all go. Return to center and find your peace!

Are you looking for Financial Success? Relationship Success? Career/School Success? Do you wish to be a homeowner? Do you wish for Peace? Clarity? Support? Travel? This is your time to speak what you want into your reality. Use the energy of Capricorn and this New Moon. Speak it into existence and then Go for it! Good Luck!

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