Monday, January 28, 2019

10 Forgiving and Healing Lessons + PRINTABLE Worksheet

"In Order to heal, we must first forgive; and sometimes the person we need to forgive is ourselves." - Mila Bron

2018 Rocked the boat for a lot of us, myself included. And through that, I have learned to so much about forgiveness and healing. I have learned a few important lessons that I feel are important to share with you, and at the end of this post, I have linked a FREE Printable that I have created for you. It's a prompt, a guide, for you all to use while going on this Personal Growth Journey of Self Discovery. 

Let's talk about Forgiveness and Healing:

The Following is stated on my Instagram:

" We've all had that moment in our lives, that one event that took place, where we subconsciously decided that we were meant to stay wounded. We have told ourselves and been told by others, repeatedly, that we don't deserve to do the one thing our bodies were meant to do, Heal. Maybe it wasn't those exact words but we've been told those very things in some variation and because of this, we have placed the fate of forgiveness and healing in somebody else's hands. 

Repeat after me: " I forgive myself First, I deserve to Heal" - and repeat this over and over until you believe it. Because you see, there is no greater power than that of our own thoughts and words that we speak to ourselves. When we learn to have this open conversation with ourselves about what needs to heal and what needs forgiving, we grow stronger in not only our relationship with self (over what ego tells us) but we strengthen our relationships with others by being compassionate over the healing that they are working through, or have yet to work through. We deserve to heal. We deserve to feel compassion, love, happiness, and warmth. 

We may encounter those who have yet to heal themselves and that's okay; this is where the work truly begins for us. We must learn that we cannot continue to take on the burdens of others' pain. The only thing we can do is focus on ourselves and give grace to those around us who are still suffering. " - @ash_felkner

Lessons I have learned:

1. We are in charge of our emotions, and OUR emotions alone. 

2. We cannot force someone to heal their own wounds if they aren't willing to face their past and their traumas.

3. We cannot force someone to forgive us or apologize to us. But we can control how we forgive them and apologize to them. 

4. We must forgive ourselves first! We Must Heal ourselves First!

5. Personal Growth is not Selfish. You can't serve others from an empty vessel. 

6. You can practice self-love while practicing compassion for others.

7. When someone lashes out against you, it's not about you, so don't take it personally. They haven't healed themselves or forgiven themselves yet. Say a Prayer for them and move on. 

8. Learning to call yourself out on your BS is the most important area of Self-Awareness and Self-Discovery you can learn from. 

9. You are responsible for how you feel and how you react. Nobody is in charge of that, just as you aren't responsible for their feelings/actions. 

10. Life is lighter when you release the weight you've been carrying around. 

* Click the Linked Photo Below, It will Open to a page that's printable!

Open your mind and your heart to the growth process. This isn't always easy but growth isn't meant to be. We can't truly grow without going through the hard times and filtering back through suppressed emotions. I hope these questions and this worksheet is of service to you, as many times as you want to use it. Print it once, Print it 5 times. Save it. Use it as a guide when you feel stuck and need to release built up feelings. Forgive yourself first, Heal Yourself First; and the rest will follow. Good Luck! - A

- Ashlee

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