Thursday, November 22, 2018

Full Moon in Gemini (Sagittarius Sun)

Happy Thanksgiving, Full Moon!
Our Gemini Full Moon will be exact at 9:39pm PST tonight - 12:39am for those on the East Coast. Her energy will run through Saturday, so this gives us 2 1/2 Days to connect with her vibration as we do any clearing, releasing, and various rituals. 

We also welcome in Sagittarius Season today, in which our Sun has moved into the zodiac of Sagittarius for the next month. November 22nd - December 21st. 

A Full Moon occurs when our sun and moon are in opposition or polarity. The Full Moon brings an abundance of energy and heightens our emotional senses. At the peak of the lunar cycle, the full moon brings mystery into our vibration and we get a taste of her magical workings. The Full Moon is an expansion of all things. She amplifies all surrounding energies, workings, emotions, and takes them to an even higher element. Since our emotional body is heightened, the full moon gives us the opportunity to be more aware, more connected.  We must learn to become more present in our energies to truly understand how we can raise our vibrations and shift our energy in any direction that we choose. If we haven't been acknowledging an emotion, the full moon will take over our subconscious and bring all suppressed feelings to the surface. This isn't to harm us, this is so we can release and let go of any pain, anger, and tension that no longer serves us or creates happiness. After we let go of whatever has been holding us back, we are able to forgive and find gratitude. The Full Moon is the perfect time for such. When we forgive our letdowns, we are also able to find gratitude in them. By doing so, we are acknowledging that we've now made room for positive vibration and anything we've been trying to manifest into our lives. 

Our Full Moon falls in the 3rd zodiac sign of, Gemini: Our Twins. Our twins are always working in tandem to get to the bottom of the worlds biggest mysteries. Gemini is known as the Talker - She rules our 3rd house, the house of Communication. Gemini is in a constant quest of self-expression, discovering the missing piece, uncovering the mysteries, and gathering information. Gemini, always curious, even a bit mischevious in her ways to find out her information. As much as Gemini loves to talk, you can also find her sitting in the background observing. Gemini gathers all information before she speaks or forms an opinion. Embrace Gemini's Energy this Full Moon by being open-minded to all the possibilities. This Full Moon in Gemini can be confusing, but that's okay. Being open and receptive will help us grow and raise our vibrations. The Bright side of a Gemini Moon is we are more versatile, witty, and amusing. Gemini is a fast learner, her energy is quick and she makes her shifts in rapid speed. 

As much as the Energy is High on a Full Moon, there is always a dark side, a low vibrational side. The dark side of a Gemini Moon is she can be manipulative. She is quick to be defensive, especially with what she's passionate about. Gemini can be set in her ways, she defends her ideas, energies, and realities with no sight to see another's point of view. Be aware of these feelings. Use this moon to release any negative energies that are keeping you from having a two-way conversation with someone. Our Energy might feel stuck or stale around certain people or situations. Connect with the communication side of Gemini and open the dialog with yourself and the people around you so that you are able to release any stagnation in your vocabulary. 

How to Navigate through a Gemini Moon X Sagittarius Sun?

The best part of a Full Moon is the opportunity we get to work with the center line of both our moon and sun. Gemini looks at the fine details while Sagittarius looks at the bigger picture. Remember, they are polar opposites. Gemini rules our solar 3rd House of Communication while Sagittarius rules are the solar 9th house of truth and knowledge. Together, they create a very powerful mind. The low side(s) of these polarities is the way they view the world. Gemini has a "this, that, OR the other" mentality; while Sagittarius brings this, that, AND the other together to create something larger. Gemini basis her knowledge off of facts while Sagittarius is more open-minded to gaining knowledge from every angle knowing there isn't only one solution. 

With our Gemini Moon X Sagittarius Sun, we can learn how to acknowledge the high and low sides of each zodiac. We can learn to be more open-minded to endless possibilities like Sagittarius while we still remain focused on what is in front of us at this moment like a Gemini. Gemini and Sagittarius will pull at each other the next few days - release that tension. Feel into any intensity, tension, and emotions that come up over this Full Moon. The Full Moon is the best time to release whatever doesn't make you feel good - people, places, materialistic items, emotions, body pain. ETC. Just remember that under this moon all of those issues will be heightened.

We also have Jupiter in our Sagittarius. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. We will feel the high vibrations through our joyful planet of luck and expansion. Jupiter will be opposing the moon and forcing us to tackle suppressed issues surrounding our growth. We will be asked what is blocking our growth and expansion. This will be a difficult task, but don't be afraid of this release. You are making room for Jupiter to bring you something new. If you feel as if you can't communicate what is a blocker of yours or what your feelings are - that's Mercury. Mercury is our planet of communication but is in retrograde currently. Any communication exchange will be difficult and could be painful emotionally. Breathe! Retrogrades aren't here to mess you up, but rather help you create the change you've been asking for and the change you need. Take a deep breath and take your time - with any conversations you may have over the next few days. This goes for inner dialogue and self-conversation as well. 

By the end of the Gemini Full Moon, we may feel exhausted. That's okay. Remember after a few intense days in Gemini, we will go into the moon of Cancer. The Gentle, Homely Crab. and we will be able to rest our mind, body, and spirits after all the work we put in on the Full Moon. Do not be afraid of what Gemini X Sagittarius has to teach you. Ask their energies, both high and low, to help you create ways to release. Communicate and be Truthful. Dig deep and walk gently. Focus your energy on what you want to attract next. Look back at your intentions you set on the New Moon and see what you want to release or what you want to focus on bringing more to your life. Meditate. and Give Thanks! We've Got This! Happy Full Moon!

Love Yourself and Love other People

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