Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Full Moon in Taurus (Scorpio Sun)

Good Morning, Full Moon. 
As we look back to the Famers Almanac, we see that the name of this particular moon is "The Hunters Moon," a time after harvest when hunting summer-fattened deer and prey are at their highest. 

In the early hours of yesterday, we moved into the season of the Scorpio; just as we are adjusting to this change from Libra to Scorpio, we are met quickly with our Full Moon in Taurus. Can you feel the burning energy between these two signs? I can. 

A Full Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are in Opposition. The Full Moon provides a magnitude of Energy and celebrates Our Highest Vibration. Just as we've set intentions with the New Moon, we use the Full Moon to take action and begin to manifest our desired intentions. No Grit, No Pearl. The Full Moon is the time to tap into our inner voice, that voice in our head/heart/and soul that speaks only with dialogue that (we) you yourself can hear. Take this time to realign yourself with the vibrations that pull you closer to your purpose. As we release all lower vibrations, we are allowing new space for us to breathe into and create anew. (Rebirth). Just remember, the moon controls our emotions and when she is in Full, our emotions and feelings are kicked into high gear. Take the time for self-care on this moon and acknowledge inconvenient, sudden feelings that may arise. They are trying to tell you something. The Full Moon is not the time to continue in suppressing your feelings but rather pull them to the surface and deal with them head-on. 

Our Moon falls in the Zodiac of Taurus, our earthy bull. Taurus is represented by being our Feminine Fixed Earth Sign; which means the energy around Taurus is magnetic, practical, stable, and resistant to change. Like the Bull, we see strength, stubbornness, but the ability to be fierce yet gentle. Taurus is our sign that is most in-tune with our earth as they ground themselves into the earth to remain centered. She's there to remind us to keep things simple and return back to center (by grounding) when things get tough. Those born under a Taurus Moon tend to be drawn to the ideas with the ability to make sense of the world around you before you venture out. Taurus is Careful. On a Full Moon, Taurus is there to help us build safe barriers for ourselves, not to keep us from going out of our comfort zone like (Scorpio) but to have a place to come back to when we need to return to ourselves. (Grounding). Think of these barriers as resources, like the breadcrumbs Hanzel and Gretel laid for themselves. We can adventure out into the unknown but we will always have a way back home, to ourselves. 

Taurus is Ruled by Venus, our planet of love and pleasure. She is there to rule our highest capacity to express affection. As a Venus-Taurus, you are always affectionate but also reserved to give too much of your love away too quickly. 

On our Full Moon, Venus is currently in retrograde (moving backward). Venus is in opposition with the Taurus Moon today, where she sits in our Sun Sign of Scorpio. Venus in Scorpio has the tendency to be intense. So your, usually controlled emotions, may be out of line today and cause turmoil in your relationships if you aren't careful. Be Aware of wavering emotions, they will be heightened today. However, each sign has a Bright Side and a Shadow Side; or Yin and Yang. The Lowside of Taurus is Attachment. Taurus is super resistant to change, they like their comfort zones. Like a child to its mother, Taurus clings on to what makes it feel safe and what is familiar. With their stubborn nature, very rarely do they release their grip from people, places, and possessions. They like security. The Bright side of Taurus is the reminder that we can return to ourselves with peace of mind. So when things get rough, return back to center. During this Full Moon it is the perfect time to balance your high and low side out, push yourself out of security and release attachments you've been holding onto for too long; and then when you are ready, return back and ground yourself. 

How to Navigate Taurus Moon X Scorpio Sun?

Here is where our Full Moon appears to get tricky but is also very effective. We now have to work with a Taurus Moon (Rules 2nd House of Resources and Possessions) and a Scorpio Sun (Rules 8th House of Personal Growth and Transformation). These two signs are Polarities, which mean they sit on opposite sides of our Astrological Chart. Taurus is more materialistic, she likes to hold onto things as she is the sign of Prosperity and Money. She is our collector of possessions. Whereas, Scorpio, is the sign of legacies and shared wealth. The wealth of a Scorpio is more spiritual VS materialistic. Just as there is with Taurus, there are high and low sides of Scorpio - and when working against Taurus, all of these vibrations come to a head. The good news about Taurus-Scorpio is that both of these strong-willed signs are about living in the moment and being present. On the other hand, these signs are also terrified at losing what makes them feel secure. Taurus relies on all of her resources to get her through, whereas Scorpio relies on her intuition. 

Taurus is all about staying where you are, while Scorpio is about transformation and diving into the unknown. Although Scorpio is fiercely independent, her low side matches that of Taurus. Attachment. Scorpio is a perfectionist and she becomes obsessed with change and transformation, so much so that she doesn't allow herself to feel into her new self as she is always on the move. Be aware of this on the Full Moon. If you feel yourself shifting, let that shift happen slowly and breathe into what it's trying to tell you. We are like the Moon, always going through phases so that we may learn from each phase as we slowly pass through.

This Full Moon is a powerful one. We get two opportunities to dive into the unknown. Trust your intuition and be on the lookout for those little messages and signs around you. You are on the right path. We don't need to carry our security around like a blanket anymore, but rather step into ourselves and know that we can rely on ourselves to get us through. Our intuition is never wrong, and remaining grounded will always lead us into the right things. And so, although Taurus and Scorpio want to teach us things that are complete opposites, they are also there to help us grow. Get Up and Move this Full Moon. Get Uncomfortable and Step out of those Attachments, release them and renew. 

Happy Taurus Full Moon Everyone!
Love Yourself and Love other People!

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