Tuesday, September 4, 2018

ReIntroducing My Blog

"There she is! Welcome Home, Ashlee, We've been waiting for you.."

It's been a while, and I mean truly been a while. Not in the sense of me posting a blog - which it's been a while for that too - but It's been a while since I have looked in the mirror and thought "There I am. Hi Ashlee." and I'll explain that in a bit, but, if you haven't read my last 2 posts I suggest you start there so you can understand where I am coming from.  You can find those Here :

Like I mentioned in a previous post, I have recently been reacquainted with my love for a blank notebook and hand writing. But I have missed blogging, a lot. I used to have a balance of the two, hand written diary secrets and blog thoughts for the world to know. And I would like to think that I am ready to jump back in and find that balance again; actually I know I am ready. So Hi, Welcome Back!

I'm going to be making some changes to my sweet little blog-home. I've already begun making some layout and navigation changes but the complete dialog of my environment is about to change. I have always been the blogger who likes to write about everything - I can't stick to just one theme like "LifeStyle," "Health," "Beauty"..ETC. I am a, write as you think about it, kind of blogger. and although I know most readers like a consistent theme to talk about, that's just not me. I am a 7 world wonder kind of gal. Why stick to 1 thing when there is a world of discussions to be had? Exactly my point! But still, I want to change it up a bit, and dive in deeper to our discussions. 

Which brings me back to that sweet little welcome at the beginning of this post. "There she is! Welcome Home, Ashlee, We've been waiting for you." -- This is a sweet little thought that popped into my head about 2 weeks ago when I was in the process of planning out the changes I wanted to make to my blog. I was sitting on our bed, laptop in hand, just staring at the screen. I thought, "Now What?"  and a flood of words just ran through my mind. I wanted to write about the things that excite me, the things that I am passionate about, the secrets that flood my personal hidden diary, the weird little interests I have, and the love I have for the simple things. But the fear was there, would anyone read this? I have thought - for years - that nobody reads my blog. For years I have looked at these big fancy/organized blogs with sponsors, lots of followers, many conversations and interactions and I have thought...Why can't my Blog be like that? And it caused me to lose my passion for blogging. So here is my new, yet very old, approach. I'm going to write because I love to write. and I am going to continue to discuss the things I love to talk about: Makeup, Health, Marriage, Life, Home Decor, Hacks, ETC. 

The other day Speedracer and I got into conversation about how focusing on myself has brought a new found confidence in me. Speedracers words, not mine. I look at it as me just being me - but SR told me he knows it's me just being me but I have a confidence to be me publicly. I never did before. Since I was a teenager I have always hidden little parts of me from everyone so that I didn't get the joy beaten out of me, I didn't get made fun of, and I didn't get outcasted more than I had already been. So, I never discussed my love for art (writing, painting, drawing, reading), I never discussed my fascination with astrology (the moon, the zodiac, the horoscope, the planets), I didn't dare pull out my hidden collection of Crystals and Stones or place anything metaphysical out in the open for people to see. I never discussed my love for gardening, my love for sitting in silence and meditating. I never discussed how the little things, like soft music, candles, and a good book  make me the happiest. Or how my heart is complete when having a good, deep conversation over coffee. I just wouldn't. So I allowed my self to get swallowed by drama, rumors, bad mouthing people so I could fit in. ETC. And I never said how those things often sent me home hiding under my blankets in tears with a pool of anxiety because I didn't like to engage in them but felt like I had too. And now - I don't. And now, I feel like me again. The one who likes the simple things and her weird quirks. And Speedracer likes them too. He has always encouraged me to be myself, but I'm so thankful he waited around for me to learn to be myself publicly. So here I am, It's been a while, and I feel like the 14 year old who started this blog many many years ago. It's a breath of fresh air. 

My Blog will continue to be a place of love and comfort for those who come to read. Whether you come here to just read what I post for the heck of it, or if you are here to learn, discuss, grow, or just take a moment to yourself. Welcome. Everyone is invited to just BE in my little space. and it is yours too. So I hope that my blog will open more discussion and that you, as someone reading this blog, will find something in my words that fascinate you. Mental Health,Physical Health, Marriage/Relationships, Yoga/Meditation, Crystals, Astrology, Life Hacks, Beauty...Everything is welcome. And that's where I plan on going from this point out - I hope you enjoy!

Let Me know what you're interested in..I'm just as Curious as You!

Love Yourself, Love other people - Love without expecting, Love without Fear...LOVE LOVE LOVE!