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How To: Intention Setting

Intention Setting has always been one of my favorite practices of Self-Care. Yes, it's a form of self-care. For as long as I can remember I have always been a list writer; I love the action of crossing things off my lists as I get them done - there is such a freedom in it. I also love the feeling of being organized that comes with writing lists. I will find a reason to write a list just so I can feel in control. *that might actually be a problem. But never the less, writing a list of intentions is one of my favorite past times and current times. And I find it more helpful, useful, and effective than goal setting or resolutions. As the months of this 2018 year are winding down, I find this post will come at a great time. Hopefully. But I find myself setting intentions by the days, weeks, months, and year. That could be the over achiever in me but hey, it works. And with this New Moon in Virgo tomorrow I know a lot of us will be setting intentions with this moon. Or maybe you are interesting in setting intentions for this New Moon and this is your very own "How To" Guide. #yourewelcome

Before we get into how to set intentions that are effective. Let me briefly breakdown the difference between Intentions and Goals; and how often the confusion of these two things can set you up for failure. 

Goal: the object of a person's ambition or effort.

When we think of a "Goal" we are simply thinking of the outcome. For Example, My Goal is to be a Salon Owner. That is my future goal/want/desire. My End Goal, Where I see myself in the future. 

Intention: a thing intended; to aim or plan, purpose, an action. 

An Intention is the physical action you are going to take. An intention is your subconscious thoughts in their purest form. An intention is best described as I, I am, I will. It's an authentic, pure vow you are making to yourself to DO and TO BE. 

The Reasons We Fail:
If you find yourself a week, month, year, three years from now and you still haven't manifested the vision you've set for you life, It could be for a few reasons that are easily fixable. When we connect ourselves with a GOAL what we are saying is "I will be ____ WHEN I achieve that goal." - I will be happier when I lose the weight, I will be worthy when I am the CEO of that company. I will be when. And that is the problem. I will-when. We are setting a picture for how WE will be WHEN our goal is met, which isn't a bad thing but it's not your reality currently. We aren't looking at who we ARE in the present time. We aren't listening to our higher self and what our intuition is telling us. INTENTION is a thought, feeling, and physical action from the deepest depth of your soul. I AM, I DO, I HAVE, I WILL DO.

Connecting the Two: 
The intention is putting a plan in to action and using each intention as stepping stones that will lead you to your overall vision. If your vision (goal) is to be a Lawyer. What are you going to do to get there? 

The best way to find this answer is to meditate on it. I know, I know - Don't roll your eyes at me - it works. Trust Me on this! Meditation is a practice that I do every time I set Intentions. This is one of my favorite rituals for the New Moon when I feel most connected to set intentions to be manifested. You might feel uncomfortable at first, even feel a little silly, but the more you practice this technique, the more you'll feel a sense of clarity and calmness. Give it a Try.

Intention Meditation.
The main goal of Meditation is to release tension, open your mind and be present in your thoughts. So, Sit yourself in a comfortable position or lay down in a quiet space, close your eyes and let your mind wander for 3-5 minutes (to start - as I use this practice for 7-10 min). When you are ready, focus on your breathing, with every exhale - release tension - in your jaw, neck, back, feet. When you feel the release, begin to visualize what you want to manifest into your life (in the example, a Lawyer). Now visualize how you will feel when you get your first job as a Lawyer.  Are you happy? Grateful? Do you feel a sense of Pride? When you have this answer, focus back on your breathing for a cycle or two of Inhale and Exhale. Once you are focused on your breathing, begin to think of the actions you can take to get closer to your vision (goal). And as you do, think of each action as a step up a staircase bringing you closer and closer your vision. When you are ready, take another minute or two to find your center again and breathe another cycle or two in inhale-exhale. Slowly open your eyes and say "Thank You, Thank You, Thank You" - as a sign of gratitude towards the clarity you just received. Now you are Ready to Write out your intentions. 


Remember, Intentions are actions that will help manifest what you desire. The best way to be connected to these intentions is to find a quiet space that is relaxing and comfortable to you. For a lot of us, that is our bedroom; for some it could be a home office, our living room, our a patio outside. Or maybe it's at your favorite park under your favorite tree. Wherever it is - Go to that place. For me, it's in the confines of my home. Sometimes it's when I'm nestled up in my  bed, sometimes it's when I'm under the stars sitting on our front porch, or sometimes it's laying by my meditation space in our living room. But it's always quiet. I like to light candles, incense, and make the space one that brings me comfort and warmth.

Have a pen and paper - a cellphone or laptop will do, but I find it more effective when you can write it out. I write all of my intentions in my notebook that way I can always refer back to it and  I know it won't get lost or accidentally deleted. Everyone sets intentions differently - I get intense - I am a color coder. I always suggest writing your intentions in pen, permanent marker is best, this way you are sealing your intentions like a contract to yourself and to the universe. 

Your list of Intentions does not have to be long - they can be 2-5 or 5-7. I suggest keeping the list on the shorter side that way you can manifest (do) less with more focus. I usually do about 5 intentions, six if I'm feeling dangerous that day. *Also your intentions do not have to be about gaining something, it could be about releasing something & letting go.* But always remember - with setting the intention to release something, know that you are gaining something in return. 

I am
I accept
I will
I release
Some examples are:

I am grateful for all the things that I have in my life.
I will drink water today so I am healthy tomorrow.
I release _____ and I accept ____ into my life.
I am showing up every day to better myself and honor myself.
I accept the inward flow of self-love and acceptance.  

Whatever you choose to write as your Intentions - just remember to set them from a place of pure, good intent; and be specific and clear. And if at ANY reason while setting an intention you feel uneasy or negative about it in any way - don't write it down. Not to say it won't be an intention eventually, it just isn't the time right now - and that's okay. We must be grateful for what we have NOW and what we have control over in this present moment. The only way we can manifest what we want is to be grateful for what we have and in return we will gain from that. Ask and you shall receive, this could be dangerous so once again be very careful, be specific with your intentions, and then once you have written them out - seal it with a repeat of "Thank You, Thank You Thank You" as a act of being thankful for all the blessings you are about to receive. Sign your full name, first middle and last, and then let the universe do it's thing. Close your journal, fold that piece of paper up and put it in a envelope, and don't obsess over it. 

Just remember to listen to your intuition - Open your heart up to listen to your highest self and the flowing energy around you. You'll know what intentions are great and you'll feel your visions manifesting the second you give them wings to fly. Continue to be grateful and watch your life transform. 

Love Yourself, Love Other People
Love, Love, Love!

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