Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Year of Focus

"Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God. When Christ, who is your life, appears, then you also will appear with him in glory." - Colossians 3:2

Fearless. Authentic  Focused.

The New Year crept in slowly at first and then suddenly, without knowing it, it was 2018. Usually I am prepared - I'm always prepared months in advance, but not this year. I've been fearless, I've been Authentic..and then..What did I want to work on in the New Year? I thought I had an idea for my word of the year but it kept changing. So I sat on it, and then a few days after Christmas it came to me. I was in Idaho, nestled in my sisters home watching the snow fall outside as I watched my nephew playing with his new toys. That's when I remembered the verse "Set Your Hearts on things above, not earthly things." and it was as if I was having a coffee date with God himself as he told me "This! Focus on this moment and the importance of the Blessings I have laid before you. Nothing else matters." 

Focus. I believe that it's important to re-adjust your focus from time to time. We tend to get so wrapped up on the small things, we over think, we ignore signs, and we focus on the things that ultimately don't matter. And then we end up anxious, irritated, and jumbled. We lose sight of the path we are supposed to be on. When we focus on the things that aren't important we tend to lose out on the moments and on the good things in our lives. We miss out on the opportunities to create greatness, We miss out on the opportunities for change, and we miss out on the opportunities to Grow. 

I've been thinking of what I would want to FOCUS on in Twenty-Eighteen and there are quite a few things. From experience, if I try to focus on too many things at one time I just set myself up for failure. We have 12 months in a Year. That's 3 Months to focus on 4 different things. Now, I'm not saying that once the 3 months are up that we forget about it completely and move onto the next thing, but  that gives us 90 Days to Focus on ONE thing at a time and form a habit of Focus and Discipline. Eventually I can slowly weave my 4 areas together and create a new lifestyle which sounds like a great plan. The best way to achieve change is to start. So why not start now?

My 4 Areas of Focus:

1. January - March: Building my Business, Clientele, & Portfolio!
 I am working on ways to continue to build my Clientele & Portfolio. March will be 1 year of being a Licensed Cosmetologist and I really want to expand in Year 2. I have big plans, goals, and new things I'd like to learn for Twenty-Eighteen. CHEERS TO BIGGER & BETTER.

2. April - June: Healthy Diet, New Workout Plan, & Yoga!
I'm of course not going to wait until April to focus on my Health & New healthy lifestyle. This has been a work in progress for months now. But I definitely want to spend sometime and try something new, get out of my comfort zone with certain workouts, and spend 3 months dedicated to changing my lifestyle completely. NO GRIT, NO PEARL!

3. July - September: Pickup a New Hobby/Learn a New Skill!
My SR has 2 hobbies he loves to do and I've realized I don't. I turned my hobbies into my passion and then into my career. So It's time to learn a new skill and have a hobby. I have a few things in mind but stay tuned, I'll figure it out as the year goes along. But I'm excited.

4. October - December: Learn 5 new recipes!
So I'm not a fan of cooking...Give me something to bake and I'm all for it, I know that's one thing I am good at. But I didn't get my Grandma and Mom's Cooking Genes like my sister did. I love being in the kitchen and around people who are cooking but me myself, nope. So I'm hoping this year I can get more comfortable and confident cooking. 

I also have some other things I'd like to FOCUS on in 2018 - but they are personal goals that I want to weave into my every day life. I want to DO LESS with MORE FOCUS. and I want to spend my time focusing on the things that matter, like: God, My Marriage, Our Family, and Our Friends. That is what will truly make this year a great one. Don't you think?


So Let's do this Twenty-Eighteen. Let's Buckle Up & Focus!


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