Friday, January 19, 2018

7 Things 2017 Taught Me.

2017 was quite the Year. I think it's important to spend some time reflecting on the lessons we may have learned through out the year. I feel like by March of 2017 I was already hearing people say they were already over twenty-seventeen. I could have agreed but I knew I still had so much life to live and lessons to learn throughout the year. And so, I embraced the wave and took the ride fearlessly. 

I recently wrote down a rather long list of lessons I learned in 2017. But, to keep it short(er) and sweet I have narrowed it down to 7 Lessons that I feel stood out to me the most. Enjoy! 

1. It's Okay to Have a Bad Day.
The end of 2016 and Beginning of 2017 was a wave of an (old) friend telling me I needed to "Get over it," and continuously asked me if I was "Still Being Negative." and to be honest, the only thing that kept me pissed off what her stupid comments of telling me that I needed to throw my emotions to the side and act like my day was rainbows so that it made her feel better. And thus, I learned, It's totally OKAY to have a Bad Day. Because sometimes we just wake up feeling crummy and it follows us like a shadow. Frustration, Anger, Negativity, and bad moods are all basic human emotions and feelings. Feel them. Let them happen. Sit with them. and then put them to rest at the end of the day. But don't apologize for being in a bad mood because -ish happens.

2. You are allowed to say No! 
When it comes to 2017 this could go a few ways. You are allowed to say NO in a #METOO // Women Power kind of way. Because what a year for that it has been. I am sad to have seen the year of ME TOO but it's apart of my story as well and I am happy that stories have come alive because it's about damn time!! --- I've also learned that you are allowed to say No to invites out, conversations you don't agree with, people you don't vibe with, and much more. No is a word we all loved at children and I think it's necessary to use it as Adults, regardless of who it might affect. 

3. Boundaries are Important. Set Them!
Boundaries are meant to be set. We set them for kids, we set them for animals, and we should set them for ourselves and our relationships. It's vital to set boundaries for those around us as it lets them know where they can and cannot go. And trust me, I know quite a few boundary pushers who just love to push, push, push. But in 2017 I finally learned that if I set a boundary, It's set in stone. They can try to push, but that's when I will walk away from that person and situation. If they can't respect your boundaries, then they don't respect you. Those aren't the kinds of people you need to associate with. 

4. You don't need to show up to every argument you're invited too. 
This has been one I have been battling with for years but I finally understood it and applied it in 2017. Somethings aren't worth the scuffle and heartache. It goes back to boundaries, some people want to see just how far they can push you. But I've learned that you don't need to show up to every argument. Not everything deserves your breathe or your reply. Whether it's in person or some nobody who is testing you online (because come on, we all have atleast 1 person), you don't need to reply back to comments. My Dad always says "Let them talk, they'll hang themselves eventually." - and it's true. 

5. You don't need to explain yourself to anyone. 
This was a big year for this lesson. After I graduated Cosmetology School in March of 2017, I went straight into the Salon. Let me tell you, your 1st year at the salon is down right difficult. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a Liar. I'd get questioned if I "actually work," and other rude, demeaning comments. And at first I felt like I needed to explain myself to people. But then I remembered, I don't need to show up to that argument and I don't need to explain myself. It's nobodies business. I make my own schedule, I work my butt off, and I do my thing. My Family knows, My Husband appreciates my work ethic, and I know that I'm kicking life in the butt. Simple as that. I don't know why people feel so inclined to comment on how other people live their life, this goes beyond what someone does for a living. It's a in general problem that we as society have. We think it's our right to discuss other peoples lives or question their decisions. So, the best thing we can do when someone questions us is to just keep doing our thing. It's our lives to live, no one elses. 

6. Take Care of Yourself//Love Yourself.
I've been focusing on self-care & self-love a lot in the last year. This is something I talk about all the time. I know, you're all sick of hearing about it. But I think it's a great reminder to have on a daily basis. So wake up, stretch, meditate, go for a run, drink some water, take a how shower, read your favorite book, eat your veggies, and tell yourself how much of a badass you are. Most importantly: HAVE GRACE WITH YOURSELF! You are doing the best you can! 

7. You are allowed to cut ties & distance yourself.
I could knit a damn sweater with the ties I have cut over the years.  But I think it's a crucial part of growing up. I believe that every now and then we need to cut ties with the things and/or people that no longer serve purpose to the happiness and betterment of our lives. Ironically I was told that very statement by someone I cut ties with about 5 years ago. It really opened my eyes to the things and people in my life. SR and I have been doing a lot of cleaning lately and the amount of crap I threw away that I had been holding on to was insane. and that felt damn good. Have you ever done a Facebook/social media purge? Deleted people you don't even talk to off your accounts? I do this every couple of months and dang does it feel freeing. This is a practice I have been doing in my every day life. If something/someone is giving me anxiety, stress, heartache, etc. and does nothing for the betterment of my life - I'll distance myself. or a cut the ties completely. and it's been better this way.; it isn't always been easy, but it's been for the better.

Oh Life, how many things you can teach us in 365 short days. It's amazing to see how much change comes in just 1 year but somehow we get through it; the bad, the down right ugly, and the scary. We get through it. Pretty spectacular, Huh?

What are somethings you've learned in 2017? Life Lessons or Just random little lessons like Budgeting. (I learned that one too). 

Love without Expecting, Love without Fear, Love, Love, Love. 

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