Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

7 Years ago, SpeedRacer picked me up and we drove to his house for our first Thanksgiving together. We weren't dating, just friends. But he wanted to bring me to meet the family and since we had celebrated an early Thanksgiving with my family just two days prior, it was the right thing to do. 

On the drive he was telling me about his family, who everyone was, who he was the most excited for me to meet and who I'd probably be intimated by. I was super nervous, I had never been brought home to "meet the family" before but SR was confident his family would love me and I would love them. But here is the thing with SR's family, they don't do anything small. There is a total of roughly 15 of them, in the immediate family. Our family get togethers are loud and there is a lot of people involved. Whereas, I come from a house of Myself, My parents, and my sister - and the rest of our family lives in Sacramento. So you can only imagine my feelings of walking into a house of atleast 15...and that was only 7 years ago. Our family has grown since then. And SR's family often had their holidays with close friends too. So I walked into a house of about 30, not knowing anyone, having only met my now father-in-law once. But SR was right - I fell in love with his family. I became best friends instantly with his Aunt C, who was more like a mother figure to him. And I gravitated towards his Grandma, who is his mother figure. His cousins reminded me of my own and I was only intimated by one of his cousins, whose name is also Ashl(ey). Which I've now come to realize if I ever needed back up in a fight, she'd be the one to call. 

The next Thanksgiving, we combined our family get togethers. My family came to join SR's family. and it's been that way every since. Every holiday we spend together, as ONE family. And I have to say..not only is that less stressful, but I'm so Thankful that we have families that love each other and get along. 

So that's what I'm THANKFUL for today...OUR Family! No, not our families...our FAMILY. One Collective Unit. They are loud, they get crazy, but they are ours. And I couldn't be more blessed to be surrounded by our ever-growing family. 


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