Friday, October 20, 2017

Me Too.

Head up, shoulders back, lips pressed together shielding my clinched teeth. I'm on the inhale. He finally passes me and I let out the exhale. Nothing was said this time. 

The light is red, windows rolled down, sipping on my iced chai, I'm singing to my new favorite song. He says "Hey Beautiful! What are you drinking?" - I continue to look ahead just praying that light turns green. 

I'm walking through the halls, making my way to class, I say hi to a friend in passing. He runs up behind me and grabs me, swinging me around to the opposite direction. He lets go and I run to catch up with my friend. I'm on the inhale.

I'm hanging out with friends, we are down town, we are at a race, we are at the mall, we are....He runs his hand on my back in passing. He comments on my outfit. He tries to grab at me. One time he makes contact. I'm on the inhale. teeth grind together. I take a sip of my drink and say its time to go. 

I'm walking my dog down the street. Cars are flying by. He stares. I turn to see if he is gone. He is. But I hear a car approching and hold my breath hoping its not his return. It's not him. Another block over he drives by, whistling as he drives past. Im on the inhale. Looking forward telling my dog "good boy," He is mad I didn't respond. He yells "Little White Bitch." - That's a first. 

He doesn't have just one name. He has many faces. He is always near. Sometimes I know him and sometimes I don't. 
I'm on the inhale. and on the exhale..I yell "Stop!" - I turn around to see my sister, my best friend, my mom, my loved ones - and they all tell me the same thing.... "Me Too."

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