Monday, September 4, 2017

Stop & Smell the Roses

"By all these lovely tokens September days are here, with summer's best of weathers and autumns best of cheer." - Helen Hunt Jackson.

My Favorite time of year has arrived - and here I find myself still waiting for the chilly fall weather to remind San Diego of what time of year it actually is. Luckily, I am currently cuddled under a blanket with hot coffee in hand because it's a cold, windy morning brought on by a night full of rain. No Complaints, This is the Life. 

The last few months of each year I find myself slowing down. For most people, it's the busiest time for them as they find themselves trying to complete everything they've wanted to do during the year. They try to pay off debts, take that last bit of vacation time, get a few projects done, Go! Go! Go! - But not me. I'm the exact opposite come September - December. I throw the E-Brake on and glide slowly into the New Year. Gracefully, of course. Which means, in Ashlee fashion, probably tripping and super dramatically But definitely graceful. The fall is my favorite time to slow down, get in touch with the last 9 months, and start thinking about what changes I want to make in the coming months and year. 

This is the time where I feel the most at home with myself. There is something about this time of year that makes me enjoy life and live in the best way I know how. I remind myself to really enjoy that morning coffee, puppy cuddles, moments of laughter with that speedracing husband, be grateful for time spent with my family and friends. Or even that time I spend alone each morning writing in my journal and reading my bible. That's what fall is for me. Simple moments of nothingness. 

I really wanted to write a list of things to get done this September. I had a few goals I had in mind for the next 30 days. But then, I reminded myself that I don't need to constantly be busy doing something. I don't need to rush in attempt to get things done before the new year. There is no need to rush through life. And so, while I'm ready for 2018, I'm in no rush to get there and I think I'll stop and smell the 2017 roses for a little while longer. 

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful! 
Love without Expecting, Love without Fear, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

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