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April Favorites 2017

April Faces
Before we get started: Prepare yourself for Post overload because I have about 30 "Drafts," Saved that are getting ready to go Live in the next few days and weeks. I've been busy writing away, working, and trying out a bunch of new products. 

You know how sometimes you go a week or two without trying a product you were absolutely in love with? Well that wasn't the issue for April. I feel as if April was a great month for trying out new products and although I could talk about 500 different products today, I decided to break it down into my favorite 5. In No Particular Order: 

Makeup Revolution:

I recently discovered the brand Makeup Revolution at ULTA and fell in love. It's a brand that I feel is over seen a lot but should definitely get more recognition in the beauty industry. One of the things I love about MR is the affordability; the prices range between $5-$20 which is amazing. I picked up a few different palettes that include eyeshadow, blush, and contour/highlight. The fallout of the eyeshadows are minimal, although the initial dip into each pan is a little dusty, the eyeshadow applies smooth and flawless. If you're looking for pigmented, smooth, shadows then I would definitely recommend trying out Makeup Revolution. As a Makeup Artist, I love using MR on my clients, If you're a MUA I'd recommend having a few palettes in your kit due to the affordability, quality, and variety. And because I couldn't pick just one; Here are some of my favorites which you can purchase from their website or 

    Flawless Matte 2        Camouflage Corrector

    Ultra Pro Glow         Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold Blush

Tarte Cosmetics:

You KNOW that I have to always throw in Tarte, my ride or die brand. I have been dedicated to Tarte ever since they came out with Park Ave Princess (bronzer) back. in. the. day. The more products they come out with the more I stay around. The quality is amazing and everything this company stands for is one that I want to be apart of. #VeganFriendly. What stood out to me for the month of April was the 4-in-1 Setting Spray. 

If you are looking for a fixing mist, primer, or a dewy setting spray I would recommend Rainforest of the Sea 4-in-1 Setting Mist. Not only does it smell fresh like you're relaxing in a cabana in the rainforest. But it keeps your skin looking dewy and feeling fresh all day long. It's definitely a great product for those who have dry skin, like myself, to re-moisturize during the day. 

** You can Purchase it HERE  **

Colour Pop

Did you know that ColourPop had new highlighters? Neither Did I until I saw some reviews going around on Youtube. I jumped online to order a few and instantly fell in love. If you're looking for a more natural glow (is there such thing?) this summer than I'd recommend Colour Pop's Pressed Powder Blush & Highlighter Duo. 

My Favorite is:

Blush: "Above & Beyond" 
matte//warm pink - That is beautiful for a spring and summer bride. Or for someone who just wants to keep their makeup soft and girly. 

Highlight: "Made Me Do It"
pearlized//champagne pink - Is a gorgeous, subtle highlight which I love wearing to the beach at sunset because of how the sun and water reflect off the "pearlized" effect. 

Kylie Cosmetics:

I'm not going to lie, It took me a while to make a purchase from Kylie because I didn't want to be a believer. I know, I know! But I did..and I'm in love. First off..the packaging is everything. I love out sleek and elegant it looks. What really pulled me in was KoKo K lip Gloss. A friend of mine was wearing it to a Bridal Shower and I jumped on my phone and ordered it right then in there; which is strange because I am NOT a gloss person. It's natural, mauvey, peachy, nudey - it looks beautiful over mattes. It's Life. I'm dedicated now. Well Played Kylie, Well Played!

Jeffree Star Cosmetics:

You know I just HAD to leave Big Mama for Last. Queen Star has been KILLIN it lately with all the new products he has dropped. I'm running out of money but it's worth it to me to support Jeffree and his brand. I've never seen someone so dedicated to producing such beautiful products before. From Highlights, to Eyeshadows, to Liquid Lips. Everything I have from Jeffree Star Cosmetics is Flawless. But what really stood out to me for the month of April is: Androgyny Eyeshadow Palette.

Everything Jeffree does is LOUD, which is one of the things I love the most about him and his brand. From the hot pink packaging to the bright colors he uses. This palette includes Super mattes and metallics. My go to shades are definitely Charm and Deja Vu. (The Orange-Cream color, and the Warm Brick Metallic Red.) Every application is smooth and creamy, even the metallic shades which I don't even need to use Mac Fix+ with to make them bold. I give this palette 10 Jeffree Star STARS because it's pure Gold. 

And there you have it my darling dolls, 5 of my top beauty favorites for the Month of April. I have some amazing new posts coming up that I hope you will stick around for. If you want to hear more about the products I use on a daily, Make sure you're following me on all types of Social Media. 

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Always Be Your Own kind of Beautiful & Remember to Love, Love, Love


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