Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Learning Authenticity

When 2017 begun, I knew I wanted my word of the year to be: Authentic. It's something I have been practicing living in for the last month. Thus far, I've learned a few things about living a raw, unedited, Authentic life:

1) It makes others really uncomfortable. 
There's a quote by EE Cummings I really love that says "To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and daY, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human can fight; and never stop fighting." --  Being authentic, and fighting to be as such, tends to make others really uncomfortable. I have realized this through interactions and observations. We live in  a world where being your true self is offensive and it also makes you an outcast; which to me is really disheartening. But since living in my practice of Authenticity, I've realized that me being my most raw self is all about my happiness and my journey. People are going to be upset with you when you have a bad day and people are going to be upset with you when you have a really good day. And not surprisingly, those are usually the people who struggle with living in their truth and authenticity. Just remain true to yourself and enjoy this process. Are you comfortable with your most authentic self? Perfect! You are on the right track. 

2. You have a better grasp on your feelings/emotions. 
I'm a Gemini, so when it comes to emotions and my reaction to things, they are all over the place. But I have been getting more in tune with the things that make me tick, upset, and even happy. And for once in my life...I'm not apologizing for it. I've had too many people in my life try to corrrect me when I'm feeling a certain way; whether it's anxiety, sad, negative, angry...etc. But luckily now,  I am so in tune with my emotions, that I allow myself that time of feeling that way without apologizing about it or having to explain myself. What a beautiful, weightless feeling.  

3. You learn to set standards to the people around you.
Anyone who treats you less than you deserve is not the kind of people you need I need your life. So learn to set high standards when it comes to your relationships in all aspects of you world. This is something I've been practicing for a few years now, but living in this authentic mind set has really made it easier to cut ties and reject the idea of someone who doesn't fit into my life. This doesn't make you rude or immature, it's the exact opposite actually, in fact it makes you smart and bold. It means you have respect for yourself and you will not tolerate someone who doesn't have respect for you. 

4. You begin to honor where you are in life.
Recently I have re-added the practice of Yoga into my life. It has been the most uplifting, life changing experience. It has evolved this journey of living Authentically into something more than I had imagined. I'm doing a 31 Day Challenge, taught by, Yoga with Adriene and something that really stands out to me is the word of the day for each practice. She is big on honoring where you are that day, which isn't something I had thought much of before. We get into this nasty habit of rushing and of wishing we had more or different. It's a natural human reaction. But instead of rushing and wishing...why dont we try honoring and living where we are in this exact moment? This moments of our lives are crucial and often the important ones we look back on. So breathe into that space of where you happen to be in this moment - and honor it with good intention and love. 

5. Beautiful things start to happen.
It's amazing how change begins to happen when you put positivity into the universe. You begin to see the world in a different light, your relationships change for the better, your relationship with yourself is evolving into something transcendent, and great things just start to happen. I'm loving deeper, living louder, breathing in love and exhaling the toxic, my goals are getting bigger,  my dreams are coming brighter...Life is breathtaking. 

I encourage all of you to begin the practice of living life in your most authentic way. It's not always about getting up each morning to deal with the hustle and bustle just to make it another day. It's about embracing the moments, your journey, yourself...and waking up to just...BE. Join me in living through #yearofauthenticity and  making 2017 the year of YOU!

Love without expecting, Love without Fear....Love, Love, Love!!


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