Monday, November 21, 2016

10 Things Nobody tells you about Cosmetology School

When people tell you "Cosmetology School flies by," - they weren't kidding. 2 weeks ago I pre-filed for my state board license test and in another month I will be back into the state board prep class for a whole month of studying and running through my practical, hands-on, portion of my test. And then before I know it, March will be here and I'll be clocking out for the last time. Wait, What? 

Over the last 7+ months I've learned so much more than how to cut a graduated bob, roll a perm, or paint someones nails. It's been a wild ride so I thought I'd share 10 things nobody tells you about cosmetology school. Here we go --

1. You're going to be at School more than your own Home. 
If you're a homebody like I am this will become a huge culture shock to you. You're at School WAY more than you're at your own home and because of that your house will never be clean and you're going to be weeks behind on chores. But, you'll get through it. I promise. The Best thing you can do is to enjoy being at school because it will help pass the 1600 hours of being there with ease. 

2. You will have atleast one mental breakdown caused by either stress or a client - which could totally be the same thing. 
It's going to happen at one point in your program. Maybe at the end of a long day, maybe in the middle of working on a client, or maybe you'll be sitting in theory class trying to learn about the history of makeup when you all of a sudden run to the break room and cry into your vent iced coffee. No? Oh, that was just me then. Take a breather, cry a little more, get a pep talk from your favorite educator and get back out there. It will all work out in the end. 

3. Theory is really important and you need to pay attention. 
Notes. Take lots of notes! If your school gives you a work book, I advise using it to your full advantage. Newbies like to think that it's all fun and games when you get in Cosmo-School. All you'll do is play with hair. Wrong! Most of the things you will learn come from Theory class. And you have a 110 question written test when you go take your boards. So PAY ATTENTION!

4. You don't need to always be doing what others are doing. 
My favorite thing about being in Cosmetology School and the beauty industry is the creative freedom we as stylist have. When everyone is working on their highlights or rolling perms. That doesn't mean you need to be too. For the love of God, DO YOUR OWN THING. If you want to become great at Bridal Updos - Practice it. If you want to become a Colorist - Try new techniques. Set yourself up away from everyone else and just dive into your own little world. I promise you that you won't regret it. Trust me. 

5. You'll get out what you put in. 
Trust me, I've seen people grunt and drag through school because they just don't want to be there anymore. Maybe it's because they are over rolling perms and doing other procedures. Or maybe it's because it's been a long 11+ months of non-stop work. Either way, I've learned that If you want the most out of this experience you have to be willing to put in the man hours, hard work, focus, etc. There hasn't been one moment of my program that I've hated and it's because I go to school every day with the mindset that I'm going to do something great that day. 

6. Not every client will like their hair and that's okay. 
Repeat after me "It's not my fault. I did the best work I could possibly do and for me that's enough." Because I'm telling you, if a client is unhappy with their hair but you rocked that cut and/or color....It's 100% because they are never satisfied and will purposely find reasons to try to make you feel bad. When in reality, their hair probably looks awesome and you have nothing to feel bad about. If you can fix it to their liking, Great! If not, you did what you could do and it's not the end of the world. 

7. You're going to be a "Thair-apist." 
Yup, you are! So i hope your listening skills are up to par and you've gotten really good at nodding your head Yes. Sometimes, all your clients need is a good old venting session and for whatever reason our chairs are the table they've decided to lay all their cards out on. 99% of the time they will tell you things you had no desire to hear about, sometimes they will cry, and sometimes they are just looking for you to agree with them even though you have no idea who or what they are talking about. Smile, Nod, and repeat after me "Atleast you'll have fabulous hair to rock when you're taking on the world." -- They will laugh and usually the subject  will end up changing.

8. You'll never get used to the smell of perm solution. 
One of my educators told me that eventually my nose will just block out the scent and I won't even notice someone in the salon is getting a perm. Guess what? LIES! You'll never get used to the smell of perm solution and it will haunt you forever. When you're at home taking the trash out and those eggs from breakfast a few days ago are stinking up your kitchen..You'll think of Perms..and you'll cry.

9. Gloves aren't 100% color proof. 
My first day of taking clients I did a all over color, tone, and cut. I put my gloves on, did my thing, and my client looked fabulous. My hands however, they were red/brown for a few days. But guess what? I didn't and still don't care. I ran into my house that night, looked at my husband and said, "My hands are RED! I feel like a real hairstylist. This is the best day of my life." Because to me, Color on my hands equals a great day of doing hair. 

10. Congrats, You now have 30+ Sisters you never asked for. 
Being forced to Share, fighting, drama, eye rolling, name calling - It's all going to happen and if you didn't think it was going to well guess what? You're going to a school thats predominantly of the female population. The best thing you can do is just stay. out. of. the. drama. If someone comes to you with something, Don't respond. Set up your station away from people, do your own thing, and remain silent. You'll get through school with better ease. On the other hand: Congrats, You now have 30+ Sisters you never asked for but are REALLY glad you have. They will become your absolute best friends, your main supporters, your shoulders to cry on, and people that inspire you the most. 


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