Monday, February 15, 2016

Weekend Roundup - Valentine Edition.

Good Morning Monday, I hope you all had a great weekend and if you have today off for presidents day I hope your extended weekend is still going great. Valentines Day + Monday off work? What a win!!

Valentines Day was a laid back and much needed day for us here at Makeup and Modified's. The morning started off with my Speedracer bringing me coffee, a new coffee mug, and the Ninja 2 (you know, the smoothie maker + food processor?) I've been wanting one so it was the perfect valentines day gift. I also go a single rose, that's fake, and it will never die. My favorite kid of flowers are the fake ones. Serious. After that total happiness over my presents SR and our roommate, or 23rd child as we say, took to the front yard to do some much needed yard work. I'm a happy camper because it looks oh so fresh and so clean, clean. 

While the boys were outside working hard, I was inside baking cookies. Watch out Betty Crocker! It's been a Valentines Day tradition from the very first Valentines Day that SR and I had together that I would bake him some Oatmeal Cookies. His Fave. As the cookies were in the oven, I cleaned the bathroom, the living room, and did some laundry. It was a total "house project" valentines day. and We loved it. Once all the chores, and cookies, were finished we cleaned up before my SR took me out to dinner. We went on a nice sunset drive through La Jolla before we reached the amazing Sushi place by the water. It was our first time at 'Sushi on the Rock' and I already can't wait to go back. It was delicious. After dinner we were walking back to our car when I spotted a Gelateria. We love Gelato. So we had to stop in for a small dessert before heading up. It was a lovely finish to our simple, valentines day. 

And because I didn't profess my love all over social media yesterday for my Speedracer....Here is it: YOU DA BEST, BOOTHANG! I LOVE YOU!

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