Monday, February 29, 2016

Think Happy - February Farewell

I can't look back at this month and think of a time where I thought "I should have just stayed in bed." February 2016 treated me with so much love and kindness; not that anything eventful happened but I the month was just simple and quiet. Very fitting for the last month of winter I'd say. 

I didn't get as much writing done as I had hoped but I do feel like I posted some great things and wrote as much as my writers heart could during the month of love. If you missed anything during February here at Makeup & Modifieds don't fret - I got you:

February Goals | 5 Beauty Gifts | Movies Teens should Watch
Non Chocolate Lover Gifts | Travel Destination List | Valentines Day | Warm-Toned Smokey Eye | Affordable Eyeshadow Palettes | Olive Green Smokey Eye | 15 Things that make you Happy | Foundation Talk: Oily Skin

I've also been working really hard on getting videos out on my Youtube Channel. And I've been loving it - I have been enjoying creating a video and then sharing it here on my blog with you all. I actually have a new video up :

Purple Smokey Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial | AMF Makeup

As for February as a whole I think it was pretty successful. We got more of our home decor set up, I've been super FEARLESS this month, building my business, building my makeup kit, and just living that simple life that I'm proud of. I think I'm officially in Spring mode, which is saying something since I love the winter. Not that we have a winter here in San Diego. I was successful at a few of my february goals, which we will talk about tomorrow, and got a lot more done this month than I had planned. Success!!

Farewell February, Thanks for being full of Happiness & Kindness!

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