Monday, February 1, 2016

February Goals

It's February 2016 - holy cow!! 

We made it through the 1st month of the New Year, which I'm grateful for because I always think that January is the slowest month so I'm not so tearful to see it go. February, how ever, I tend to enjoy. The last cold, wintery month before it begins to warm up and the springs colors begin to bloom. Ahh, I am so excited and so ready. 

Before we get into our goals for the month of february, Let's take a quick look back at our January Goals and see what we accomplished.

One. Declutter our Clothes. FAIL
Two. Purchase a Good Planner. FAIL
Three. Hang Kitchen Decor. CHECK
Four. Take down Christmas Tree. CHECK
Five. Look for a Makeup Trunk. FAIL/CHECK

I guess 3.5 - 5 isn't too bad. I didn't get to go through our clothes or get a planner like I wanted. But I did look for a makeup trunk, I just wasn't able to purchase it in January like I'd hoped.
But, that's okay because I have big hopes for February..Yay!

February Goals

1. Declutter our Clothes. Because I'm really going to declutter this month. I have two full clothes hampers full of clothes we haven't even looked at since we moved back in november.

2. Purchase a Good Planner. I've actually been staying pretty organized, but I'd really like a nice planner. I'm still looking around for one, I am so picky, but I think I just need to bite the bullet and pick one.

3. Purchase a Makeup Trunk. I found that makeup train that I wanted, so this month I'm going to fully commit to purchasing it. 

4. Get 1 or 2 Makeup Tutorials out per week. I am really looking to grow my youtube channel this month so I figured I'd start pushing out 1-2 videos a week. What are some tutorial ideas you'd like to see?

5. Get our entertainment center decorated. Right now our TV is on our fireplace/entertainment center but we have plans to wall mount the TV and I'm hoping we get it done this month because I would really like I put my decor plans into action on our entertainment center.

6. Post Every Day except the Weekends. I feel like I did a great job with posting nearly every day, besides the weekends, in January and I'd really hope to continue that into February. I already have content planned out for the month. Yay!

7. Take time to sit and draw. I couldn't tell you the last time I pulled out my big sketch pads and just drew. I used to have this nightly routine of reading a little bit of my current book, write my next blog post, and then laying on my bed and drawing. I miss those days. And I'd love to bring them back this February.

So there, my February goals are now out into the universe with the hopes of getting all 7 things achieved in a quick 29 days. I think it's going to be a beautiful, lively month! Don't you?

Also, Did anyone watch GREASE,LIVE! Last night? I'm obsessed. 

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