Tuesday, February 9, 2016

6 Valentines Treats for Non-Chocolate Lovers

Last Week I talked about The Perfect Valentines Gifts for the Beauty Lovers in your life. This week I'm talking yummy treats. You know, I gotta cover all the bases for this next weekends festivities!!

If your significant other doesn't like chocolate, it can be hard to figure out what sweets to get them come Valentines Day. Just ask my Speedracer. He is constantly searching for something to get me each year because most stores have chocolate for Valentines Day treats and I don't like Chocolate. I know, you're probably saying "who doesn't like chocolate? How do you not like chocolate?" - you should really see the looks I get when I tell people I don't. You'd think I told them I went to prison for murder or something..but nope, I just don't like chocolate. Sorry, Not Sorry!

Over the years I've gotten a variety of gifts and treats from that speedracing husband of mine and each year I feel bad that he has to scramble to find something for his odd-ball Wife. So this year, I thought I'd help him out a little bit..and for all the others out there who have a significant other that is not a chocolate person. 

I've come up with 6 Valentine Treats I think most of us would love to receive; I know I would. Xo, Enjoy!

I love Macaroons; I mean, who doesn't? It makes me feel like I'm sitting in a little cafe in Paris. You can have them for dessert after a romanic dinner, for a cute little snack in the park, or cuddled up by the fire with some wine. You can find them all over your city. If you are in the San Diego area, Check out these places:

I am not a cake person but I am a cupcake person - ask me how this works because I don't even know. But I love a good cupcake and they were my requirement at our wedding. We have some great cupcake places in the San Diego area and I am sure you can find some great ones near you too. Get a few of your significant others favorite flavors and boom...a sweet valentines day treat.

Candied Popcorn.
I was totally skeptical when candied popcorn became a thing. There was no way I was going to melt hot-tamale candy over my popcorn. Or chocolate. but then, I did and it was amazing. If you like the combination of sweet and salty then you'll love candied popcorn. Go pick up some of your favorite candies and get creative at home. It will be a funny little date night with yummy treats to eat. 
If you are stuck here is a little help on what to create via popcorn candy.

Coffee/Tea Set.
Being that I am a coffee and tea junkie, because admitting is the first step, I would love nothing more than getting a big tea/coffee mug full of different blends to try. It's a cute little personalized gift to show the person you love that you love them and that you support their caffeine addiction. WIN-WIN! Also, getting them a personalized cup can be even cuter. 

Wine and Cheese Basket.
Admitting is the first step, we already covered this, but I'm a Wino. and cheeseo. Is that a thing? It should be. I love the idea of getting some fancy cheese wheels, assortment of nuts, maybe some grapes, and just relaxing with a bottle of wine and snacks. Who doesn't love a picnic style wine and cheese date? I know I do. 

Mason Jar Candy.
I love mason jar gifts. I think they are so cute and versatile plus you have a mason jar to drink out of when you get all the goodies out. I love putting together little mason jar spa sets for friends or a manly mason jar full of cigars, mini jack daniels bottles, and other manly assortments. You can also create a candy jar. Go to the nearest candy store and pick out your lovers favorite candies OR even better, surprise them with a trip to the candy store and let them pick out what they want in their mason jar. Another date night idea? You can't beat that!!

 What are some of your non-chocolate treat ideas?

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