Friday, February 26, 2016

5 For Friday: Fuller House, School, and Youtube

I may or may not be trying to type this one handed because my fingers are frozen solid and I'm trying to keep them wrapped around my hot coffee mug..Oh the struggles of cold mornings..

I feel like this week went by fast and I hardly remembered what day it was when I woke up this morning. Speedracer and I both spent all yesterday thinking it was Friday so you can imagine my anger when the trash truck woke me up this morning and I yelled "It's SATURDAY! LET ME SLEEP"...Jokes on you, Ashlee! I also swore it was the last day of the  month..I was never good at knowing how many days of each month there were. Can't there always be 30? or 31? Isn't there a 27 in there somewhere? See, I'm confused. Shoot!

Anyways, It really is Friday and you know what that means...5.F.F!

And just incase you missed any posts from this week::

I'm still trying to figure out this balancing act of Blogging - Youtube-ing? Is youtubing a word? It should be! Anyways, I am pretty good on making videos, editing, publishing & writing my blog posts on time. But what I'm struggling with is finding time to sit down and read my favorite blogs/interacting on other blogs. I'm working on it. I commented on 2 blogs last night for the first time in over a week. I'm getting there people, I promise!

Speaking of Youtube, Have you seen my newest video? HERE YOU GO:

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I can't be the only person that is super excited that "Fuller House" comes out on Netflix today. I don't know if I want to binge watch it because I'm so excited or if I want to watch it slowly so that I can savor every moment of the Tanners being back. Hmm..OR I can just watch it a billion times and be obsessed. That sounds about right. I'm also really excited that they brought Alex & Nikki know, Rebecca and Jesse's Twins? I'm excited to see them grown up. I'm still bummed that the Olsen Twins didn't want to come back as Michelle but whatever their loss #howrude. Stephanie was always my Fave anyways! Oh, and Kimi because We are the same person! 
Also can we take a moment for how beautiful they all still look? I mean can John Stamos (Uncle Jesse) get any hotter? Have Mercy!

I've been trying to get Financial Aide so that I can go back to school but it's been such a struggle. The first time I applied, last year, I was rejected..Long story but it makes sense. And this time, everything is going great except they need me to add onto my application some missing info I hadn't received yet (tax return) and the Login system isn't letting me log in. It says my information is wrong. So, I'm grumpy because everything is set up except for this stupid finance crap. I want to go back to school, Damnit!! 

We decided with our Tax Return we'd go get a new living room set. Our side table is currently a filing cabinet and our couch is a hand-me down that is seeing it's final days. Our living room is taking a long time to put together which I'm okay with because I want it to be perfect. I'm currently struggling with what to do with my Desk. I've had my desk since I was 16 when my parents got it for me and it's still really nice and I'd love to keep it. But - we don't really have the room for it in this house. So right now we have it by the front door in the only place that has wall space for something BUT our front door doesn't open all the way because the desk is there. I want a table of some sort along that wall but one that doesn't stick out so far like my desk does. Anyways, I'm thinking once we get our new couch and start moving things around then maybe we will find an open space for my desk.

Happy Friday, Ya'll. 

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