Wednesday, February 24, 2016

15 Things that Make you Happy

I'm currently sitting on my front porch, watching our fur baby roll around in the grass while I sip on my morning coffee. These are the kind of mornings that I live for. It's kind of like a sunday morning but in the middle of the week but I'm not complaining one bit. How could I? This. is. the. life.

I had a doctors appointment yesterday morning so I had to wake up pretty early since my doctors office is an hour away from our home. I started the morning off pretty cranky but once I got closer to the dr. office I got out of my funk and began my good mood. Which, I'm pretty sure my DR is pretty happy about. No Grumpy Patients Allowed!

As I left my doctors office, I grabbed my favorite starbucks drink, Passion Iced Tea Lemonade w/5 pumps of rasberry, and headed back down the hill. "Back down the hill & up the hill" is a term us San Diegans use for whenever we are driving north or south. I don't know why. Anyways, My DR is located "up the hill" in my little home town so I actually really like going to the doctors because it gives me a reason to drive down some old back roads and enjoy my little home. 

And so, while I was sipping on some tea and driving the backroads with the windows rolled down..I started thinking about things that make me just over the moon happy. My favorite feelings. My favorite things to enjoy. My favorite " I'm Alive " moments. Here are just 15 of them. Xo, Enjoy!

15 Things that make you Happy

1. The first smell of fresh coffee in the morning.
There is something about that first smell of freshly brewed coffee that just wakes you up in the morning. 

2. Driving with the windows rolled down and blasting music.
I love driving with the wind blowing through my hair & singing along to my favorite songs

3. Climbing into bed after a long day + clean, fresh sheets.
Seriously what is better than your clean bed after a long day. Nothing!

4. The first sip of your favorite drink.
I love taking that first sip of my favorite tea, it just refreshes me and makes me all tingly inside

5. Driving through your favorite town & taking the backroads.
I love driving through my home town, under the big trees, down the dirt roads through the country. ahh, my favorite!

6. Dancing around your house to your favorite song.
I don't find dancing alone in your house silly. It's my favorite thing to do and is an instant mood changer if i'm feeling down.

7. Receiving a package you've been waiting for (Makeup, anyone?)
I mean, enough said! who'd doesn't love getting their packages in!

8. Hearing the Laughter of my Husband, Our family, and our friends.
when my family and friends are laughing - there is nothing in the world I love more than that moment. don't you agree?

9. A deep, meaningful conversation that happens without effort.
I don't think people have enough meaningful conversations anymore. We live in a world now where we don't show emotion or talk about our feelings. But to me, when those deep conversations happen without any effort - i have so much happiness in my heart.

10. Getting lost in the moment.
Getting lost in the moment is my favorite thing in the whole world. I love the days or nights when you feel like time is just frozen and all that you have is what is happening in that moment.

11. Doing something for someone without wanting anything in return.
Long lived the days of when kinds was natural, when it wasn't forced, and when we generally wanted to be kind just to be kind. Now a days it feels like people only do something so they can benefit from a return. 

12. Succeeding at something you didn't think was possible.
For me, it was graduating college, that was a moment I was so proud of myself for doing. and I'm not usually "proud" of myself.

13. Walking outside and taking a deep breath in of fresh air.
Apart from my morning coffee, this is something I have to do every morning. To take a big inhale of fresh air, feel the sun on my face, and listening to the birds sing. ahh, life!

14. A hot shower on a cold, rainy day.
Let's be honest here, this is the best feeling ever. Climbing into a steamy, hot shower when you've just got in from the cold, crisp air.

15. Getting a compliment/ Giving a compliment to a complete stranger
When I'm out and I get a compliment from a stranger...I feel so happy and human. It reminds me that there are good people still in the world. And I love seeing a strangers face light up when I give them a compliment that they weren't expecting. It's all about spreading kindness people! You never know who may need it!

What are some things that make you Happy? Comment down below!! 

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