Thursday, January 14, 2016

Wedding Cakes and Jail Birds

"Um, Hi. My name is Ashlee. I'm getting married. Um, My wedding is in 5 days. Oh my God, my wedding is in 5 days and I don't have a cake. Did I mention it was April 19th? like, 5 days from now. um, I had a cake, but the baker is in jail. I'm hoping you're not in jail. Um, Can you call me back? Thanks. Oh, my name is Ashlee."

That was the phone call Jamie, our incredible Wedding Cake Baker received the day she agreed to make our wedding cake for our wedding that was 5 days away. But let me back up just a tad..... 

You see, it didn't take long after we got engaged for me to figure out what I wanted our wedding cake and topper to look like. I had sat down and sketched out the design of our perfect wedding cake and quickly went online to search for our cake topper. Several days later we had our topper in hand and I couldn't wait to show everyone, even though I kept it a secret for 13 more months. 

We had a been talking to a girl my sister knew growing up about making our wedding cake. She made gorgeous cakes and when I had showed her my idea for a design she quickly sketched one up with some added ideas and sent it back. It was perfect. I loved it. We had been in contact for several months leading up to the wedding but Speedracer and I were getting ready to go on vacation and we told her we'd contact her to finalize when we got home a week later. 

Phone calls were made, texts were sent, almost a hundred Facebook messages deep - We heard nothing. Our wedding was a month a way and we no longer had contact with our cake baker. 3 weeks until the wedding - Nothing. 2 weeks until the wedding - Nothing. 7 days until the wedding - Nothing. Come to find out our "oh so faithful" Baker had been arrested the week SR and I were on vacation and was spending up to 3 months in jail. or prison. I don't remember which she was in but still, she was in an orange jump suit and I was without a wedding cake. 

My family immediately went into panic mode and I had my 1st Bridal meltdown, okay second but who's counting. SR's aunt and I jumped on the phone and started making calls. I was praying that I could find a baker in our budget who wasn't booked April 19th and wouldn't mind baking us a cake in 5 days. That's when we found Jamie.

I had mumbled something about not having a cake because the original baker had been in jail. I cried. I told Jamie she made the cake for my sister's (soon-to-be) Sister-in-laws Wedding a few months back. And I was desperate. But I wanted a cake and 70 cupcakes. She immediately said yes. And then told me that SR's Aunt had left a message right before mine begging her to make the wedding cake for her Nephews wedding. I like to believe that both of our tears and stumbled words is what made Jamie say Yes. 

The Day of our wedding arrived and I was so excited to see our cake and cupcakes. But Jamie had to drop them off quickly and make her away across San Diego county for another wedding cake drop off. She ran upstairs to where I was getting ready and said Hi and then left.  That's when one of my bridesmaids walked up stairs and said "Um, Cheryl. Can you come down stairs for a minute?" so my mom went down stairs as I tried to listen to what the conversation was below. I couldn't hear a thing.

When it came time to cut the cake, SR grabbed ahold of my hands tightly and said he would cut the cake but I would just hold my hands in position. I was so confused. Everyone around us was smiling and I was so excited that I didn't even notice my whole bridal party and mom were holding their breath.

Come to find out, that "um, cheryl..." from earlier was my bridesmaids way of not freaking me out that Jamie, the cake lady, had accidentally dropped THE BRIDE part of the cake topper and it was in a million pieces on the floor. SR knew about it which is why he was trying to be careful cutting our cake. If it wasn't for one of our groomsmens sister spending almost an hour super-gluing the bride back together, I don't know what would have happened. 

After the wedding, when SR and I made our way to our hotel, he had told me what happened. I couldn't believe it. I started laughing uncontrollably and was like "Well, It's the Felkner luck." I wasn't mad, I couldn't be. I would take a bride with no arms or head over no cake because our baker turned jail bird. 

A week later my mom bought us a new cake topper set, a Fully put together Bride and Groom. I still have the broken set, I think it's a funny part of our day that I want to remember. I know I couldn't ever forget anyways. So my future brides, just remember, don't sweat the small stuff...and do background checks on your vendors!!!

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