Saturday, January 2, 2016

January Goals + Exciting Announcement

Exciting Announcement:
Before we get into my January Goals, I wanted to share a very exciting moment for my sweet little Makeup and Modified's. We are officially a website! Since I began blogging many years ago I was always running under the name (www.)makeupandmodifieds.( because I never owned my domain. But yesterday, January 1st, Speedracer bought my sweet little domain and made a permanent home here on the web! YAY!

Moving on: 
I've been focusing on what I want to achieve within the new year that I was ignoring my goals that I want to achieve in this first month of twenty-sixteen. I took some time to think about what I could do this month that would help me in the months to come. 

January Goals are my favorite to write. I feel so refreshed and anew. I love that clean slate type feeling that January Goals gives me. People often say that January is a quiet and slow month, which I guess could be true. But I think, that January is a month to get inspired! What we do with this month will set up the energy for the rest of the New Year in which we just began! Don't you think?? 

January Goals:

1. Declutter our Clothes. I have 2 clothes hampers full of clothes sitting in our living room and they've been there since we moved in back in November. I'm not proud! And I started thinking how we have our dresser and closet fully stocked with what we use so I probably don't need anything that's in these two clothes hampers. I'm going to see what I can salvage and give to Goodwill. This will also help me get our living room more organized. 

2. Purchase a good Planner. I haven't owned a good planner in a few years and I think it's time to grab myself one. I have so many plans for 2016 and I think a planner will help keep me organized! I'm looking at a planner by Erin Condren.Do you own a EC planner? Do you like it? Let me Know!!

3. Hang Kitchen Decor. Towards the end of December we got some cute decor for our Kitchen that I can't wait to hang. We got some really cute Wine Cork Holders, like this one from Threshold

4. Take down the Christmas Tree. This is my least favorite goal for this month but it has to be done. We plan on purchasing some new furniture this month and our tree is just too big and in the way. The holidays are also over so it's time to say goodbye until next December! 

5. Look for a Makeup Trunk. I've been working on building my Makeup Kit and I'm starting to really over flow around here. I'd really like to get my hands on a trunk that rolls around so I can take it with me. Oh the life of a Makeup Junkie. Atleast this purchase will benefit my business. 

What are you Goals for the month of January?  

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