Tuesday, January 12, 2016

How to: Spice up your Living Room

Ever since we got engaged I've been planning out how I wanted our living room to look once we moved into our new place. We spend a lot of time in our living room and it's the biggest space in our home so I knew I wanted it to be cozy and special. 

Back in 2013-2014 on our Wedding registry I asked for decor in white, gold, and tan. I love the feel of a bright and neutral room because of the romantic and cozy elements it brings. We recently got an electric fireplace/entertainment center and I'm still in the process of what to spice it up with. That post is coming soon. We've decided to focus on finishing the living room so I've taken to Pinterest and polyvore for inspiration. Xo, Enjoy!

Living Room

A. Bronze Marquee Letter Wall Decor
I've been wanting a marquee letter since the moment Speedracer asked me to marry him. I love the look of them in a home and it really adds a special, personal element to a room and home. We have a space above our front window that I think would be a great space for our Marquee Letter. { Found Here }

B. Multi-Colored McKenzie Monogram Mug
Who doesn't love monogramed mugs? Or really mugs in general. I love how cute they are sitting on a accent tray or side table. It also makes it fun for each person in your home to have their own personal cup. Of course, I'd get A, D, and F for our both our first names and last name. { Found Here }

C. Flamless LED Candles with Timer
I am a huge candle person and it doesn't matter if they are actual candles or battery operated. I think they are so cozy and relaxing. You can really put them anywhere. On a accent tray (which I like best) or on an end table. { Found Here }

D. Wooden Decorative Tray
I think decorative trays are the cutest thing you can have in your home. My Parents have one on their bed, My Nana has one in her home, and a friend of mine has one in her living room on their large outtoman. It's a great decor piece to have because you can place cute decorative knick-knaks in them or you can use it as a drink tray. Either way, I just love the little touch they bring to a room. I'll be placing ours on our ottoman. { Found Here }

E. 2pc Wall Shelf in Espresso
What is a living room, or any room for that matter, without a few shelves on the wall? I love the little metal brackets that this set has. I love the details it brings to the room. Shelves are great for holding family memorabilia, like things from your wedding, family vacations, etc. { Found Here }

F. Mother of Pearl Round Wall Mirror
You can brighten up any room with a mirror on the wall. The reflection of light makes the room look larger and brighter. I love cute round mirrors because you can still add something to each side, like pictures or wall mounted candles. {Found Here}

G. Ownings Side Table X Base
When it comes to side tables, I like to have a lot of space to put things. I haven't been able to find one with a drawer that I didn't think was "too plain." But when I found this side table I fell in love. I also like the details that the X brings. { Found Here }

H. Opening Hinged Windowpane Frame
We already have one frame like this in our room and I love it. I like the idea of having cute little picture frames filled with pictures from our wedding day. I'd like to add one to the bottom shelf of our side table. { Found Here }

I. Gold Plated Geometric Ceramic Lamp
This is my favorite piece that I've found for our living room. I love the gold and the texture it brings to our living room. It also goes with a candle and scentsy warmer that I found which is always a plus. { Found Here }

J. Lisa T Ceramtic Candle - Rose Gold
Rose Gold really seems to be a theme in our living room and I'm loving it. I love having a candle on the end table, as I think most of us do. This candle I found also adds some texture to our room like the lamp. Who doesn't love the elegance of a rose gold candle? { Found Here }

K. Green Artificial Arrangements
When we got our fireplace/entertainment center I knew I wanted to add greenery to it somewhere. I knew that I was going to add our lantern and centerpiece from the sweetheart table at our wedding. So I decided to add greenery to our end table by our sectional couch. { Found Here }

How are you spicing up your living room this year?

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