Monday, January 25, 2016

Hair Moods

You know how they say the #1 reason behind all bad hair decisions is love? Or was that just in Legally Blonde? Either way - That could be true. It's kind of irrelevant to this story since I've never chopped my hair off or dyed it some absurd color because my heart was broken.

I am much more of a changing my hair by my mood kind of girl. I'm not really into following trends when it comes to my hair. Ombre was last year? Ok, I'll do it this year. Red Hair is in? Ok, I'll do purple. I am the total opposite of what trend is going on. And I often find myself dying my hair and styling it according to my current mood and direction my life is going in. Am I the only one?

I'm Blonde, again. It always comes to a shock when I tell people that I am a natural blonde. Dirty Blonde to be exact. I'm not sure why this shocks people. I think they expect me to be a brunette. My Dad has Black hair, My mom is a natural dirty blonde, and my sister has natural light brown hair. Of course, Dad is now turning that trendy gray, mom's hair is fabulous brown and blonde ombre, and my sister is the little mermaid. As for me, I have recently decided that I wanted to go back to my natural state of mind. I did this once before, in 2014, for our wedding. SR wanted me to be "natural," which my reply was "What? You don't want my purple and teal hair in our wedding photos? Rude!"

After we got married I had joked that I was going through my "post-bridal depression" which is what led me to chop my hair off and dye it purple, pink, and teal. Which was actually a true fact but I also still wanted to be "the cool wife." And so, Mermaid Hair, by the time we went on our honeymoon. Which was perfect since we did a coast trip and spent a lot of time by the water. #mermaidhair

And then there was that time when I chopped my hair off even more and rocked fire-engine red hair. This was a time of rebellion. I really loved my red hair, I wish I would have kept it long-length wise but I still loved the sassy, red hair that I had. 

I've also had my hair long and brown - which may be my favorite hair color and style. I don't know, its a toss up between brown and blonde. I also seem to go back to my lighter hair colors. Struggles of being a woman who is constantly changing her hair. Brown hair makes me feel sexy and mysterious. Am I the only one? Probably. I also loved my long brown hair because this is how I wore it when we got our engagement photos done - which is one of my favorite photoshoots we've ever taken. 

And then there was my platinum blonde and purple hair. I think this was the start of people thinking "What is wrong with this child?" actually it could have been my black and blue hair I had when I was 18. Either way, the purple really shocked some people. I loved it. If you've been around Makeup and Modified's for some time now, then you remember my Purple and White hair. I'm still obsessed with it.

Now that I'm, currently, back to blonde, I'm liking my Blondie self.
I think the blonde is currently fitting me, personality wise. I am in that state of mind where Life is just perfect. I'm content, I'm Happy, and most importantly, I'm in love. With my Husband, with my life, with myself. And I don't need to have my hair some crazy color in order to stand out. I just gotta live my life and be happy. 

That's my current mood. That's my current Blonde state of mind. And I mean, Blondes do have more there's that. ;)

Do you change your hair by mood?

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