Friday, January 29, 2016

Five for Friday: Goodbye January

Good Morning, Friday!

This last week was kind of a slow one here on Makeup and Modified's. I did share that I started a youtube channel to showcase more Makeup tutorials. You can find my first three videos HERE, HERE, and HERE. I've also created a youtube tab so you can find them easily as I post them. Us bloggers, aren't we so generous? 

I can't believe that January is over. It flew by, well for the most part. I'm definitely excited for February to begin though, I have some fun posts coming up in this next month that have been stirring around in my brain for some time now, patiently sitting in my "drafts" while they await their time to shine. Get Ready!!

One. Dear About Me Page: We've always had such a love-hate relationship, which is silly since you're supposed to be all about me and who knows me better then me? Still, I find that you are so difficult to write. BUT, I think I finally figured you out and I'm liking the all new set up and content. I think we can be friends for a while. 

Two. Dear Don Fransisco Coffee: You have taken this house hold by storm. I don't know how you do it but you are freakin delicious - I could sit around and smell the coffee beans and just be content with my life. Hawaiian Hazelnut is by far my favorite. Nom, Nom, Nom!!!

Three. Dear Fellow Bloggers: Since this week was a slow one on M&M, I found that I didn't even get around to reading nearly as many of your blog as I wish I had. So this weekend, I am dedicated my time to getting caught up in your worlds. I've missed the connection with all of you. 

Four. Dear Tyler and Caitlyn from "Teen Mom: OG" - Your wedding was perfect and I couldn't stop crying. Been waiting for you guys to get married since you guys were on 16 & Pregnant having Carly. It doesn't help that I'm already super emotional when it comes to weddings in general, but Tyler's Vows and how he couldn't stop crying... BE STILL MY HEART!!

Five. Dear Ashlee Michelle: Be Patient and Keep Praying. Great things are about to come your way. I just know it. Remain focused on your goals and keep being fearless. 

What are your 5 things for this Friday?

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