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All About that Blush: How To's & BooBoo's

All About that Blush: How To's & BooBoo's

Let's talk about Blush for a few minutes...
I will admit that when I first began wearing makeup many moons ago, Blush terrified me. I was so afraid that I would end up looking like a clown if I applied it wrong or packed on too much at once. All that I had was the little brush that comes with the blush, which may I add do nothing. And so, I bought my first blush brush - this what the time before E.L.F, before Real Techniques, and before Sonia Kashiuk. I know you are trying to imagine that world. The Horror! 

This Brings me to my first How to and Boo Boo:

How To: Know what your brushes bristles are made of.

- Natural Hair: "Goat" Hair is the most common and while they are soft and apply smoothly, bristles are more likely to shed. Natural Hair Bristles have cuticles which helps powder type pigments absorb more and give you a non-patchy application. 

- Synthetic Hair: Man-Made bristles that tend to gravitate towards each other which is best because it won't steal product (down towards brush handle) and it will help give a smoother, precise application. 

Boo-Boo's: Not knowing what your brush is made of. 

There are some really great drugstore-affordable makeup brushes and then there are some horrible drugstore-should be illegal makeup brushes. Some off brand makeup brushes are made up of stiffer, plastic like bristles that not only have shedding issues but they can irritate your skin in a "scratch" like manner while giving you a poor streaky application. Going for quality is much better than going for affordability. 

How to: Look for a brush that is on the fuller side. 
Two of my Favorite Brushes to apply blush are the:

Morphe E4 - $13.99        Real Teqhniques Blush Brush - $9

The E4 by MorpheBrushes is technically a angled contour brush. But what I love about this brush is how close together the synthetic bristles are, how soft and fluffy the bristles are, and how smooth of an application it gives me. The Real Techniques Blush Brush is amazing for when you're applying a blush on the lighter side just to give your cheeks a youthful pop of color. It's a little tapered which makes it perfect for a soft blending application that won't leave your blush streaky. This is also a synthetic made brush. 

Boo Boo's: If your brush is shedding, Throw it out!

If you are applying your makeup and the bristles are falling out, sticking to your face, and doing who knows what. It's time to throw it away. You'll find this with poorly made products: For example if your bristles are shedding and ferrule (the piece between your bristles and handle) comes off the handle...Throw it away. This has happened to me several times with old brushes. 

How To's: Find the right blush for your skin tone.

Like choosing the perfect foundation color of your skin tone, It's important to do the same thing with your blush. I have fair-olive skin and I wouldn't dare slap on a red blush, unless I was running away to the circus. Lighter toned blushes (pale pink, peach, coral) look best on my skin tone. 

Boo Boos: Not knowing your skin tone. 

I mentioned this in a previous post about 6 Best Beginner Foundations where I talked about finding your skin tone. Are you cool toned or warm toned?? Knowing this will help you determine what shade of blushes look best on you.

How To: Use a soft hand and build up your product.

I like to tap my blush brush into the product once and then use short light strokes to apply to my cheeks. It's best to build up the desired cheek shade you want so you can control the pigment outcome with more control. 

Boo Boo: Using Pressure to Apply the Product.

When you use a stronger hand with more force this causes you to apply more product onto the skin. This is how you can get those clown cheeks and it's much harder to blend the product out. Don't try to apply all the color at once, it will make it hard to blend out and you're more likely to make your blush apply splotchy. 

How To: Find a Blush you Love.

Here are some of my favorite blushes that I can't live without. It's important to not only play around with finding a formula that is great quality; but to find a brand that you love and a shade that you love. Here are some of mine:

Brand: ColourPop Cosmetics
               (Never Been Kissed, Cruel Intentions, Thumper, Trickery)

Brand: NARS 

(Orgasm, Seduction, Deep Throat)

Brand: Milani

(Luminous Baked Blush, Awakening Rose Blush) 

Brand: Too Faced Cosmetics

Love Flush Blush Wardrobe

Brand: Morphe Brushes

The 9B Blushed Palette

What Blushes are you Loving lately?

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