Friday, January 1, 2016

A 2016 Letter to Myself

Happy Twenty-Sixteen! 

It was a peaceful night here at Makeup and Modified's. Speedracer and I rung in the new year with a small group of friends and family. It was the perfect way to start our 5th year together! 5 Years TODAY to be exact!! Happy Anniversay, My Speedracer!!

I wanted to begin this year with a letter to my future-self. For December 31st 2016 Ashlee to open and read before I ring in 2017.I think it will be interesting to read in a years time.Don't you?

Dear Ashlee Michelle,

It's currently 2:30am, January 1st 2016. And although you are super tired, you're also very excited that its a brand new year. Today you are off celebrating your 5 year Anniversary with that hunky husband of yours. 5 years ago today he asked you to be his girlfriend and the rest they say is…

I know you really wanted to throw a party at your new home to bring in the New Year, but just know that you are feeling so full of happiness after being able to spend the evening with amazing friends and family. Keep those people around this time - they are pretty amazing people to have in your life. All of them. Trust me! I'm hoping that you're about to celebrate ringing 2017 with those same people! I hope you remembered who your true friends were this year and who deserves a place in your life. I hope you didn't let your big heart and loyalty to friends get the best of you this year. Stand up for yourself and walk away from anything that you don't seem fits into your journey. It's okay to be selfish sometimes. 

This is the year that you plan to be FEARLESS. I'm really hoping you went for it! You've been working on your anxiety and I don't want your anxiousness to be the cause of you missing out on grabbing onto opportunity in 2016. So I hope this letter finds you with a little less anxiety and a little more fearlessness. You know how you said you wanted to expand your business this year? Did you do it? I hope you did! And if you're still waiting for the perfect moment, What is stopping you? Nothing! Believe in your talent, Ashlee Michelle, and shoot for the stars. Don't ever let anyone bring you down or try to tell you that you're not good enough because I promise you that you are! Remember that! 

I hope your remembered to pray in 2016. I know you worked really hard on this in 2015 and I'm so proud of you. God truly is listening. I know sometimes it feels like he isn't, but he is. Trust in the path he is setting before you in 2016-2017, He knows what he is doing! Also, keep praying daily for your husband. Speedracer works his butt off for you. The work nights will be long, he will come home dirty and grumpy, you'll have to wake up early to send him off to work. But give him a break, say thank you every day, and remind him how much you love him! Grow your relationship with God and Remember to keep God at the center of your marriage! If you do these two things, 2016-2017 will not fail you! Remember that! 

Well Ashlee, I'm not sure where you are right now, when you're reading this on December 31st 2016…But I really hope it finds you healthy and happy! I hope dreams came true for you in 2016. I hope you made great memories. And most importantly, I hope you were FEARLESS! Here's to you, Ash! 

Living Fearlessly,
Ashlee Michelle 

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