Monday, January 4, 2016

6 Bloggers you need to Follow in 2016

One of the things I love the most about the blogging community is that there is such a variety when it comes to content. Yes, there may be 1,000 Fashion Bloggers, 1,500 Beauty Bloggers, Fitness, Lifestyle, Food, Mommy Bloggers, etc. But what makes blogging so amazing is that as bloggers, we each have our own personalities and spunk. No two blogs are the same. Each blogger puts their own spin and personality into their little space. I think it's beautiful. 

I've been blogging since I was 14 so I've gone through the blogging community like it's going out of style. I've followed many blogs over the years and connected with so many amazing ladies!! Another thing I love about blogging, probably what I love the most, is how much we all support each other. Bloggers truly are the kindest souls. Everyone comments on each others posts, follows each other, gives shoutouts, link ups, guest posts..You name it - Bloggers do it. 

And so today, I thought I'd share with you 6 Bloggers I love and that you need to follow in 2016. xo, Enjoy!

Jessica at Wifesticated: Jessica is a fellow San Diego Blogger, and pretty much the only SD blogger I know. She is fantastic and one of my first blogging friends. She has a passion for life, adventure, and loves being a mommy and navy wife! I love hearing her stories and giggling about the funny things her Husband does. Go Give her some BlogLovin! You won't be disappointed!

Kallie at But First, Coffee: If you love coffee and love a good laugh, Go Follow Kallie. Seriously I start off every morning with a hot cup of coffee and reading Kallie's Blog. She is hilarious! What I love about Kallie is her love for coffee  her commentary during her post. I do it all the time, I talk to myself while blogging so I'm so glad she does it too. #twinsies (<---- that's what I mean)

Angie at My So-Called Chaos: When I talk about Angie to my husband, he says "Who" and I reply with "The Blogger who has her shit together" and then he knows who I'm talking about. Seriously every post I read by Angie leaves me yelling "Teach me your ways of amazing content oh wise one!" She has some of the BEST writing I've ever seen. She is so versatile too which I love and she has no problem breaking the 4th-wall of Blogging and talking about something personal and raw. I think we need more bloggers like her! Also her dog is really cute so you need to go see for yourself!!

Chelsea at Choose to be Happy: Did you know that there is a Disney Princess Blogger? It's true. and her name is Chelsea! Okay, she's not really a disney princess but in my head she is! Is it weird to be obsessed with a fellow blogger? Kinda? Yes? No? Moving on...I've been following this southern little lady for a few years now and I absolutely think she is a doll. Her and Her Baseball Playing Husband   have the sweetest relationship that I love reading about. And she's a fur mama like me. to a pup named King Charlie. (It's Charlie but I call him King Charlie.) 

Kimberly at A Night Owl: Rule #1, Don't read Kimberlys Blog on an empty stomach. Rule #2, Print all Recipes Kimberly shares!! I'm not even kidding you guys..Her recipes are to die for...DIE FOR!! I love reading Kimberlys Blog because I'm always looking for new yummy recipes to try and she has some great ones! If you love Food Blogs and New Recipes...Kimberly is your Gal!! Now Go Check her out and Be hungry with me!!

Julianne at Jules: I'm a huge "Dancing with the Stars" fan and I love love love Julianne Hough. I love following celebrity blogs because it makes me see that their really not so different than myself. Julianne's blog is seriously the cutest blog in the land. I love seeing her recipes, her advice, tips on beauty and style, etc. She really is a versatile blogger as well. If you follow and love Lauren Conrad's blog, then you will love Julianne's. 

What Blog's do I need to follow in 2016? 

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