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11 Beauty Bag Essentials

11 Beauty Bag Essentials

Speedracer came home from work the other night and said "Hey, We are going to go meet some friends for dinner. Can you be ready in 5 minutes?" The Nerve!! I was so flustered that I didn't know what to do. I had done my makeup earlier in the day but I didn't have time for as many touch ups as I had wished. And so I grabbed my to-go makeup bag from my purse and scrambled through grabbing what I knew could work in 5 minutes time. I am woman hear me roar!

If you're out and about with me then you know I probably have all the things in my purse. All.The.Things. I am the Mary Poppins of Beauty. One time a friend was trying to do her makeup in my car and realized she was out of foundation. I tossed my makeup bag her way and said "grab the spatula," she had no idea what I was talking about but I said "It will help you get the remaining foundation in your bottle. Trust me" - 15 minutes later girl was ready for the red carpet. You're Welcome. And so here are my 11 beauty bag essentials that I think we all need to keep on hand for those oh crap moments. xo, Enjoy!

~ 11 Beauty Bag Essentials ~

Compact Mirror: I spent a majority of my life with no compact mirror. It was awful. It wasn't until my senior year of high school when I decided it was a good idea to keep one in my bag after the red lipstick I had worn one day was smeared up my face that I had no clue about until my crush told me! ugh!

Eye Lash Curler: Remember that game we used to play on long road trips, "If I was stuck on an island I'd bring..." well my answer would definitely be an Eye Lash Curler. I live for the days when I'm wearing no makeup but the second I just give my lashes a little curl BOOM, I look awake and alive. 

Tweezers: Sometimes you look in the mirror and think "why didn't I tweeze my brows?" but luckily you placed your tweezers in your bag this morning. YAY! Or, your fake lashes are falling off and you need to reposition them, luckily you put your tweezers in your bag. Or maybe you're at the park with your kids and little johnny got a splinter in his finger. Luckily you put your tweezers in your bag!! Seriously, I'm not sure what I would do without my tweezers. 

Beauty Blender: It's a dewy glow kind of day in makeup land. You've beat your face with all the liquid and cream in the world. But several hours later you find the foundation breaking up under your nose. What do you do? Grab your beauty blender, squeeze it under some water, and pat away to bring your foundation back in it's smooth place. Success! Right?

Spoolie & Clear Brow Gel: Throughout the day I noticed that I have trouble the most with my brows. They stay in place for the most part but every now and then I catch a misplaced hair running wild in brow town. Not fun! I like touching my brows up when I can, so I'm thankful that I keep a spoolie brush in my bag so I can lightly brush my brow hairs back in place. Then to lock it in place I grab my clear brow gel. It's like my brows have been on point all day! oh the secrets!

Foundation Spatula: I always keep my spatula on hand. I have one for my travel bag, one for at home, and one in my freelance kit. It's perfect for mixing foundations if you need but it's the best for scraping out that last little bit of foundation at the bottom of the bottle. Trust me, You'll love having this with you.

Q-Tips: Q-Tips have always been an essential for me. If my mascara or eyeliner start to shift I can quickly clean it up with a q-tip. These also help tremendously when you've reapplied your lipstick after a meal and you want to clean up the edges and lines. 

Hand Sanitizer: I think in general hand sanitizer should just be a no brainer that should be in our purses at all times. But I like keeping it on hand when I'm doing my makeup or touching up in the middle of the day. I always make sure that my hands are clean when touching my face so that I don't transfer bacteria, dirt, oil etc onto my face. Ain't nobody got time for breakouts!

Shadow Shields: I use these on a daily when I'm doing my eye shadow, smoky eyes or darker eye shadows for sure. Just place them under your eyes and do your thing. These Shadow Shields help catch any fallout of your shadow so It doesn't mess up your face makeup. ELF also has a really good one that I like using. 

Face Powder: One of my favorite to-go products has to be "Benefits POREfession: Agent Zero Shine" because I can touch up wiht face powder when I need to. I'm not oily but I still like to touch up throughout the day. If you're oily you'll love this product. It has a twist-off built in brush so you don't have to carry any extra items in your bag. It's all in one! You can't beat that!

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What's your Beauty Bag Essential?

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