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10 Makeup Brushes you can't live without

10 Makeup Brushes you can't live without

Happy Monday - Let's talk Makeup Brushes.

When I got my first full brush set and opened up the brush roll I will admit that I freaked out and thought "Is this really necessary?" Because when you think about it, all you really need is a foundation brush, blush brush, powder brush, and 1 eye shadow brush right? I mean, what in the world is a fan brush? And when will I ever use whatever a tapered blending brush is? This was my exact train of thought. And so, I researched the different types of brushes and their use; but of course I got overwhelmed with how many brushes one can use just to apply their eye shadow. WaitYou need how many?

Over the course of the last 5 years I've accumulated a great deal of Makeup Brushes, fan brushes included. And I've come to find the 10 Brushes that I use on a daily and feel completely lost without. Here are my 10 Makeup Brushes I can't live without. XO, Enjoy!

Real Techniques is one of the first brands I ever bought brushes from and I absolutely love them.

I couldn't get my contour just right until I purchased this brush. I was always so curious how people could get their contour so sharp and defined. The #301 has soft, dense bristles that make it easy to carve out the precise features you want. It lines up perfectly with the curve of my cheek bones (from tip of ear angled down towards the corner of your mouth) and gives me that sharp line.

When I'm doing a cream contour or liquid illuminator-bronzer, I like using my expert face brush. It not only helps me blend out my contour just a tad but it also helps me buff product into the skin giving me that flawless, air brushed finish. It's also great for applying your foundation too. 

You'll never see me without this setting brush by RT. It's a ultra-plush, synthetic, and it applies powder so flawlessly. This is the brush I use when I'm setting my lid primer and under eye concealer.

When You're looking for great quality, inexpensive brushes - Morphe is your go-to. These brushes are serious high quality pro-brushes for an amazing price. 

My all time favorite foundation brush is the M439. It's a synthetic brush that has short, dense bristles which makes applying foundation easier. Why? Because I found that I can use less foundation but still get a full coverage because the M439 buffs the foundation into my skin evenly without having to dip back into my foundation since the brush doesn't steal my product. 

I am really into using angled brushes when it comes to doing my liner. I find it so much easier than a thin pointed liner brush. This brush has stiff, synthetic bristles that makes it easy for you to apply the perfect cat eye without dealing with sloppy, choppy lines. I have 2 of these brushes, one for liner and one for brows.

Sigma Beauty:
I wasn't interested in Sigma Brushes at first because I thought they may have been "too hyped" up. That was until I received the F-80 Flat top kabuki for a birthday present. I fell in love the first time I used this brush and jumped online to order a few more. 

This is the brush I like to switch out with my Morphe M439. This is my #2 (more like tied for 1st) foundation brush. I like using my F-80 more to apply and blend cream contour/highlight. The flat, density of the bristles makes getting those clean buffed applications easy. When I'm blending contour around my temples and forehead, this is the brush I reach for. 

When it comes to blending, the E40 is my ride or die. I'm constantly using this brush when blending out shadow in the crease and transition area. The soft, round top helps soften any harsh lines and blend shadows out flawlessly. 

This brush is marked as a blush/bronzer brush but I what I love using it as is a highlighting brush. The soft, tapered bristles helps apply highlight perfectly to the cheekbones for a soft, beautiful highlight. 

I use the flat definer brush for 2 things. The first, is cleaning up my brows or bottom of my winged liner to create a sharp clean line. The second, is to get a close, clean line of shadow to my lower lash line. This is the brush I use to pack shadow onto my lower lash line before I smoke my lower lash line out. 

MAC Cosmetics:
So in complete honesty, I only own 2 brushes from MAC. I know, I know. I really have no excuse for it but I was never the one to go into MAC to look at brushes. My eyes were always on the lipsticks. 

When it's time to pack shadow on to the lid, this is what I reach for. I love using this brush with foiled eyeshadows and glitters because it's small-medium size makes it easier to get product on the lid more precisely. 

What are some of your "Can't live without" Brushes?

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