Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Blue Jay

We arrived to our cabin sometime around 2:40pm. It had been a two hour drive through the summit to make it to our snowy destination. The sun was shining through the tall pines as the cold brisk air hit my face. Dark clouds were dancing in the west making their way towards our little mountain village. The pines above swirling slowly as the wind sang its slow, soft ballad. And there, a beautiful blue jay was chirping above me and so I stood still, watching him as he sang. Calling out to his friends and hopping from branch to branch making his way up higher into the shadows of the pine. He watched over the snow kissed canyon below him; still singing his tune. Five minutes went by, then eight, and then ten. His gaze went from left to right, north, south, east and west. He searched and he sang.  And then a silence fell, the wind whispered, and he, the beautifully coated blue jay stepped off the branch and spread his wings. Flying south through the tall pines he got out of my sight; I'm curious to where he is going and I wish I could have asked him. All I know, is he is souring, high above the white mist mountains, gliding by each pine as he goes. As for me? I am here, still standing. 

XO, Ashlee Michelle

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