Wednesday, December 23, 2015

How to Love Christmas Vacation

December 18th 2015.
Over the weekend my family took a trip to our favorite vacation spot high up in the San Jacinto Mountains to a village called Idyllwild. The quaint, quiet little town is nestled in the middle of the mountains, hidden under tall pines and snow fall. It's transcendent.

There's many things I love about this place, too much I could write a book about, but I think the thing I love the most is how simply beautiful one place could be. I call it my secret hideaway, my snow globe, and my heaven on earth. Idyllwild is a special place that I share with many others but it's also a place I like to call my own.

I find it easy to wake up early when I'm in the mountains. I love the way the sun peaks over the mountains and through the trees. I love hearing the Blue Jays sing while I sip on my morning coffee out on the deck. It feels as if the the world has stopped spinning for just a moment in time and everything that matters has stopped mattering. And I feel everything, every moment, every laugh from my family, every warm embrace from Speedracer, the fuzzy feeling my first sip of coffee gives me, the wind slowly dancing across my face. Everything. And in that moment...I am at one. 

My family loves coming to this place. We've been coming here for years and yet it always seems to be like the first time, every time we arrive. Walking around never gets tiring for us. We grab a nice hot cup of mulled wine, bundle ourselves up, and roam the streets that are filled with cute little shops that were created just for Idyllwild. The Locals are the nicest people I think any of us have ever met. Speedracer and my Dad always make nice with the men who own the cigar shop. They like to sit outside the lounge, smoke cigars, and watch the town around them. Mom, Sister, and I make friends with the woman who owns the little wine/beer bar. It's a small little place in the middle of the town square. You can usually find us here or nestled in the coffee shop. Wherever we go, we make friends. The people of Idyllwild are so welcoming and happy to share their home with vacationers. 

If you're lucky enough to be there during or after a snow storm, like we were, then you know that 19 degree weather is no joke. We love taking time to play through the snow, since we don't get it back here in San Diego. Looking up and seeing the snow kissed mountains makes for a lovely experience. You can spot snow plows driving around and people shoveling away at their driveways up to their little log cabin homes. It's usually chilly during the day, but once the sun goes down we usually find ourselves cuddled inside by the fireplace. Pictures are to be taken, Dinner is to be cooked, and games are to be played. It's nice to have a relaxing time here in the mountains, more relaxing of a time then we tend to find at home. No cares in the world are to be had, just memories to be made. 

Our little weekend getaways to Idyllwild always seem to come and go so quickly. Our love for this little snowy town has grown so much over the years that my parents now talk of buying a family cabin here so we can enjoy this little village as much as we want. It's such a joy to find places like that in this world. A place that you fall in love with so much that you're hungry for more. We were only here for 3 days, this past weekend, but it was nice to get a way for a while. It was nice to have a Christmas with the family this year. Just the 6 of us, up in the mountains, making memories and enjoying each others company. Isn't that what Christmas is all about? Spending time with your loved ones and talking about God's blessings.

But now we are back home, in a chilly san diego, dreaming of being back nestled by the fire in sweet cabin #21. What a way to end the year 2015. I couldn't have dreamed of anything more. I couldn't have wished another Christmas wish. THIS is what dreams are made of. Thank You, Idyllwild, for yet another breath-taking weekend I will never forget. Until we meet again my little snow globe.

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