Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Holiday Makeup: Winter Green

When it comes to Holiday looks I often feel like we expect everything to be loads of glitter, sharp contour, thick liner, and falsies. All of which most people aren't comfortable applying or wearing. That's what I gravitate towards glamorous but subtle smokey eyes and lately, my color has been olive green. Most of you are running for the hills right now with the thought of olive green on your lids but I promise you'll get through it. For anyone who has Green Eyes like I do, Hazel, or Brown; this look is for you. Here is what I did:

When I'm working with dark or very pigmented colors, I find it best to start with your eyes to ensure fall out won't ruin your face makeup. And so I start off by priming my eyelids and my go-to primer is just good ol' concealer. Whatever concealer I'm using that day I like to dab all over my lids and brow bone before I set with a powder. Having a transition shade is important because it will help the blending process go by smoothly. Literally, it will help your eyeshadow not do that weird choppy thing. I like to use a blend of Makeup Geeks "Peach Smoothie" and "Chickadee" as my transition color. Your Transition color is placed in the crease and slightly above the crease to break up your brow bone and lid. 

On a fluffy brush I like to use light windshield wiping motions to apply a matte olive green color as my crease color. Like using any dark eyeshadow, with Makeup Geek's Dirty Martini, you want to make sure you keep the product low and in the crease. Using this technique will make sure you don't look like you have a black eye. If smokey eyes aren't blending properly it will definitely come off as a big bruise. So keep your brush low. TIP: Angle your brush down while blending, this make sure the eye shadow doesn't go up towards the brow bone. To give my eyes more depth, on a smaller fluffy brush I like to grab ahold of Morphe Brushes "Deep Cocoa" which is a beautiful chocolate brown eyeshadow. I focus on the outer corner of my eye or "the outer V" and do small circler motions to add depth. 

Next up I grab a small flat brush and spray some Mac Fix+ to wet my brush a little. Then I dip into Morphe Brushes Dirty Martini and press that onto my lid for a pop of olive green with a little bit of shimmer. When I want the lid shadow to be more metallic and shiny, I just add a lit bit more of fix+ to my brush and press that onto my lid. TIP: Eye drops work with this technique too. I like to make sure there is no harsh line between my lid and crease color so I take the big fluffy brush and just lightly blend everything together. I let my lids dry before I apply my Makeup Forever Aqua Liner in '13 Mat Black. I like to keep my eyeliner fairly thin and close to the lash line before I wing it out on the ends. I curl my lashes and then apply two coats of Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara to add length and fullness to my lashes. Next I fill in my eyebrows with Chella's Dazzling Dark Brown Brow Pencil.

My skin is already primed with MAC's Fix+ and I then begin to work on my face, starting with my foundation. I like using a damp beauty blender to apply Elcie Cosmetics' Micro Silque Foundation. A little bit goes a long way with Elcie so I usually do a pea size drop. I then like to conceal with Urban Decay's Naked Skin Weightless Concealer. I apply my concealer under my eye in a upside down triangle shape, down the bridge of my nose, cupids bow, forehead, and chin. (Anywhere I would like highlighted) and then I blend it out with a damp beauty blender. I like to set my concealer  so it doesn't crease and I use a mixture of Anastasia of Beverly Hills Banana Powder and Vanilla.

I didn't want a deep contour with this look so I just warmed up my face using Bobbi Browns' Bronzing Powder in Light tan. I brush the bronzer along my jaw line, cheek bones, temples and forehead; making sure I blend upwards and outwards so there is no hard lines around my face. Next I reach for my blush to add a pop of color to my cheeks. I love the Morphe 9b The Blushed Palette because it has a variety of different colors. I like blending together a baby pink and coral color together for a light, youthful color. I then go back  in with the matte dirty martini color from Makeup Geek and apply it to my lower lash line with a small pencil brush. TIP: Blend away any harshness and smoke out the lower lash line with a lighter shade, like peach smoothie from your transition color. To tie together the rest of my eye look I apply another coat of smashbox mascara and pop on some of Ardency Inn's Modster Supercharged Eyeliner. 

Lastly are the lips. I line to line my lips and fill them in with Jordana's Spiced Rum Lipliner which is really creamy and easy to work with. It's slight dark tanish/brown which works perfectly with a more natural, nude lip. I then like to go over it with Gerard Cosmetics & Jaclyn Hill's 1995 lipstick. I also lightly tap on a very nude lipstick just to add some highlight and fullness to the lips. I finished off by spraying my whole face again with MAC Fix+ to lock in and hold my makeup. Time to Enjoy your Winter Green Look!

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