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A Year in Review: 2015

Happy Monday!

I cannot believe that Christmas has now left the building and we're making way into the new year here in less than a week. This last week had been full of excitement, late nights, friends, family, and celebration - so much so that I'm trying to keep my eyes open and my exhausted body from falling over. But, I am so thankful for the memories that had been made this holiday season, so many wonderful moments I've shared with my loved ones. I'm hoping you all feel the same way about your 2015 holiday season. It truly was a great one!

With the new year underway, I have so many posts I've wanted to get out before twenty-fifteen comes to an end. So get ready for post overload the next few days - not that I see that being a problem. I've been looking back on this last year, at my many exciting moments, and I figured there's no better time than the present to revisit them one last time before we bid farewell to this year!!

Janurary: The year started off with my feeling like everything would be well with my soul and It would be a year of contentment. The year also began with me being more thankful for being a Truckers Wife than I thought possible after spending a week at work with SR. And I realized that it's not about working hard to make great memories but rather be the memory - that's what's going to be worth remembering!

February: My Speedracer and I thought we'd pick one day of the week to have a full day of Day Dates so we can remember to spend time together after a busy week of work. It's those little moments that make me love my husband more than I thought I ever could. And I decided my goal for the 2015 year would to be radiate love in everything I did, and that even included remembering to love myself every once in a while. 

March: I had decided to take a blog vacation because we were jam-packed busy for march twenty-fifteen. I didn't forget to update you all though on where I've been

April: I decided to take some time to figure out different ways I could simplify my life after going through a mental-breakdown of realization that I was drowning in pretty much every aspect of life.
I put together a Planner which is something I plan to do in 2016 as well, and it really helped me get organized, which helped my anxiety not be so loud. We also celebrated our 1 year Wedding Anniversary, April 19th. and I wrote about how we Survived our 1st year of marriage, which seemed to be a reader favorite in the month of April!

May: I became a college graduate in may, which is my favorite moment of this month. It had been a long time coming and I'm so proud of myself for sticking through it. I begun my spring cleaning process after graduation, now that I had time, and it turned out to be a success! Another success of May was realizing the importance of praying for your spouse, which became a reader favorite this month. I truly think praying for your spouse is the best thing you can do for them on a daily basis! I think when you focus on God, your marriage, and your life..everything just becomes simpler, and you become happier. It also doesn't leave time for you to focus on smaller things like what others are doing or have in their lives. It's all about watering your own grass, making it greener for your personal benefit. 

June: In June I was focusing on working from home as a Scentsy Consultant, something I love doing. I also love taking time to remind myself to love my enemies, which I think is a hard but important and rewarding task. My most favorite moment from June 2015  would have to be June 18th, the day I turned 25 and remembered many things I've learned over my 25 years! #25andAlive

July: July was a busy month for me, so much so that when I had time to relax it's all I could think about. July also caused our house to become a disaster zone because I didn't have time to clean it, luckily I have learned ways to have a Lazy Day Cleaning routine. I also had clients to work on in the month of July, like the beautiful Audrey who was taking her senior portraits! July also brought me some soul searching after I successfully stood up to a bully, because yes, we still get bullied at 25. And I learned that it's important to Raise your Words instead of your voice to get through any argument successfully. #adulting

August: I entered august twenty-fifteen with a load of questions about my Purple Hair so I put together a FAQ for you all. I also got inspired to do more makeup and beauty posts since my little blog space has the term "Makeup" in it. So I began with my Morning Beauty Routine, my back to school beauty essentials and my Day Date Makeup.   With all this talk about beauty, I took the time to focus on my inner beauty, and it led me to a very personal post about how I felt  being, what I called, "The Lost Girl" and my hopes of finding true self again after years of wandering around trying to find "Ashlee."

September: The first month of the fall season was a total focusing month for me. I took the time to get healthy, focus on my september goals, and get organized with my new organization binder. I also took time really digging deep into my daily devotionals and relationship with God. You can find those posts HERE and HERE. I also had a moment of thinking about mine and SR's time being married when I overheard a conversation about "Are You Sure you want to get married?" which honestly put me up in anger and I got really passionate about defending Marriage. 

October: I was very excited for October to roll around because it's one of my favorite months. I had so many goals set for myself since we were preparing to move into our new home. I did a lot of blogging in the month of October. I talked to my younger self, I gave my favorite Chai Tea & Pumpkin Bread recipe, I celebrated Speedracer's Win, I gave Dry Skin beauty tips and other beauty related tips HERE and HERE. I talked about my childhood and cute dates  as well as letting God write the story of my life.

November: I participated in a November Challenge where we post every day. I succeeded for the most part. You can find all of those posts compiled together HERE. Although I have to say my favorite moment from November was moving into our new home

Which leads us to this month...
December: I have really enjoyed this last month of twenty-fifteen. Giving Winter Makeup Tips & Tutorials HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE. As well as discuss great holiday day gifts for the home. I also got super personal this month when I talked about my Past Relationship Ghosts which was a reader favorite this month. You all also loved reading about our Christmas Vacation to the mountains HERE and HERE. Which rounds out the rest of my December and my blogging for twenty-fifteen. 

What a Year it has been...
Thank you all for being apart of twenty-fifteen and allowing me to share so many great moments that I've had here on Makeup and Modifieds. I have so many hopes and goals set for this next year, which I will discuss tomorrow with you all. But for now, I'm just going to enjoy Reviewing 2015 for the last time before we part ways.

What amazing things did you do in twenty-fifteen?? 

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