Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sweet November

November is here: the month of thanks, counting your blessings, baking pies, spending time with family, and spending your days in the crisp, cool air. Oh how I love November. Don't you?

October ended with the passing of a family member, but just like I feel October has always been, it was a peaceful time. The warmth of love that was circling around my family from California to Indiana was a tranquil experience. It's truly amazing how family comes together when a loved one passes, even the family members you haven't met or seen in years. and that's something I will be thankful for this November, having a family that comes together during times of sadness.

I'm sad October is over, it's one of my absolute favorite months and I always feel at one with it. But I definitely love the feeling that November gives me. I didn't achieve as many of my October Goals that I had hoped for, but we definitely got more done in the aspect of packing and transferring stuff to our new home which makes me hopeful for my November Goals. I'm going to focus a lot on packing and getting the rest of our stuff ready for the big move. We were told that the Goal is by the end of November but definitely before Christmas. We are hoping to be in our house by the end of the month or the first week or two of December. Either way, I have a lot of work to do in the next few weeks.
Here is to you, my Sweet November, this month we get to celebrate so many things. New Adventures, Mom and Dad's Wedding Anniversary, the anniversary of our first date, family, and pie. Yes, we get to celebrate pie. and turkey. seriously who's is excited for all the food that is about to fill our bellies?

I really hope we are in our new home by the end of this month, I'd love to be settled in by the time Christmas rolls around so we can decorate our first home for the holidays!! Until then, I will be busy away here packing and writing posts! What a November!

Kick off your boots, Grab a Cold One, and Stay a While


  1. Novemeber came SO fast! good luck with your goals!

    1. Thank You! and I agree, November being here is mind blowing!

      Happy November!

      -Ashlee MIchelle

  2. Nice post!! Have a great success in November!!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}


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