Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Our Holiday Photoshoot + Cards

I knew that I wanted to take "Our First Married Christmas" Photos right when we got engaged! I had been planning our photoshoot for nearly a year before we even took them. Speedracer thought I was crazy for wanting to set up this huge production in the middle of the woods by my childhood home. But I knew that everything would turn out just how I envisioned. And so, our 2 photographers and a friend of ours carried handfuls of books, boxes, lanterns, etc. into the woods to find the perfect spot for our photoshoot. 

That was in December 2014. Between our schedule and our photographers schedule we had to take our photos pretty close to Christmas so by the time we got our photos back and could create cards using Minted it was New Years. And so, our cards got put on a shelf and I told Speedracer that we'd send them out next year. I'm lucky that we didn't post "2014" on them. Just a cute "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" - so even though my hair is not red anymore and its a tad bit longer. Our Family and Friends will still get to enjoy this much anticipated Photoshoot. 

Did you do Holiday Cards this Year?

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