Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Making Mountain Memories

Although we currently live by the beach where my Speedracer was born and raised. I am, and forever will be, a mountain girl. I was born and raised running through open fields, climbing on rocks, swinging from the tall trees, and cuddling up to the mountain side. 

Every year we go to this sweet little mountain hugged town called Idyllwild. It's located by Hemet,CA. and it's a place that I've been begging SR to call home. He said maybe when we retire, and I'll take it. We usually go in November but this year the family decided to push our trip back a month and we will go come December as a Family Christmas Trip. I cannot wait. We are hoping for snow this year, and the monthly forecast says there is a big chance of it. Last time we went it was still chilly but not nearly as cold as the time we went in 25 degree weather where it did lightly snow. 

There isn't much to do in this sweet little town, but you can often find people riding their bikes around the town square or walking up and down the main street enjoying the sights and little shops. That's just what we like to do as well, just stroll. Everyone is so kind, I call it my little storybook snow globe of a town. You can grab some hot cocoa, cider, or coffee from the local coffee place and walk until you get hungry (or cold). There are a few nice eateries in town, Joanne's is located in the center of the town square, and you can cozy inside to listen to karaoke while you eat delicious food. 

Once you get cold and full, you can make your way back to your cabin. We always stay at the cute Inn that's sitting right on the edge of the main street. My Dad and SR start a warm fire in the fire place, while mom, sister, and I set up a board or card game. And then for the rest of the night we will sip on some drinks as we enjoy each others company. It's the perfect, lazy, cozy trip!! 

I can't wait to go in December and then return to share new stories with you all. Are you going on any Holiday Trips this year??

What's a Memory you love to think about?
We are talking about them today for our Be Thankful Challenge.

Kick off your boots, Grab a Cold on, and Stay a While. 

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