Friday, November 6, 2015

How to Thank a Friday

Happy Friday, Ya'll. 

I'm going off prompt here for my 12x30 Thankful Challenge today. I decided to change course and instead of using the theme of today, I wanted to stick to my Friday Letters. Which, I totally thought was okay because I'm still posting a blog which means I am doing good on this "posting every day" challenge. Makes sense to me, Right?

Dear Friday:
I am oh so thankful you are here. Not only are you my favorite day of the week but this month, the more you're here, the closer it is to our moving date. You're currently my favorite thing ever!

Dear Moving:
We are coming for you! The house is getting more boxed up and emptier every day, so just be prepared because it's going down here in 2 1/2 - 3 weeks. 

Dear Sore Throat:
You can go at any time now. I have so much to do and it's easier to be excited about packing when you're throat doesn't feel like it's on fire. 

Dear Speedracer:
Thank You for making me laugh. I know making me laugh has always  been something that has come easy for you but I definitely need it this month so I don't fall over and cry from moving stress. I Love You and I can't wait to spend all weekend with you. 

Dear Blog Readers:
Every day I am making small changes to this here blog to get her in the game. I've recently made a button and added a "you make be interested in" feature. I'm just tackling one widget at a time and working slowly to spice up M & M. Bare with me!

Dear November:
I am liking this Team work thing we have going on. You're going by at a decent pace and I'm getting a lot of packing done. We got this, you and I. 

Dear Makeup Instagram:
@ashleefelkner I promise I will be back soon and focusing on you. Between this head cold and moving, I don't have time to throw on a lot of makeup this week. I will try again next week. 

Dear San Diego:
This Weather is EVERYTHING. Let's keep up the good work. Super Chilly, Rainy at times, but still cold. I like this. Good Job!

Dear Self:
You're doing Great, Remember that!

Kick off your Boots, Grab a Cold One, and Stay A While.

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