Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Accidentally Kidnapped

I am participating in the "Be Thankful Challenge" hosted by Kenzie and Angie

Back in July we stood next to our dear friends, T & H, as they had the most fabulous wedding. But before we could start the wedding festivities we had to set sail on a yacht to have H's bachelorette party; because who doesn't love a bachelorette party on a yacht in the San Diego Bay? I mean really?

It started late afternoon and went into the night, there was about 8 of us ladies total and the 2 captains of the yacht. We had a blast sipping on cocktails and enjoying the open sea. I was totally terrified at first because large bodies of water aren't my favorite thing in the world. But, I sucked it up and went to the party, which I am totally glad I did because not only was the time on the yacht with the girls a total blast; but the night took a turn that I will never forget. and I don't think anyone else will either.

The plan was, after a few hours out on the bay, we were to go back to the hotel that we left dock at and enjoy some more cocktails and hangout in the spa. But none of the girls wanted the night to end so everyone had decided that once we got back to shore we would catch a cab and go downtown. Seems Ideal for a Bachelorette Party, right? I had gone to downtown San Diego a year prior for my bachelorette party and it was a totally blast. Why not go downtown as a bridesmaid!!! We ended up returning to shore and were all hanging out with the captain and yacht bartender, enjoying their company, having some drinks and laughing about the evening. A few of the captains friends jumped aboard and we quickly became friends and let them join in on our bachelorette fun. 

I was in the middle of bonding with the Captain because he was telling me how he is from "The Jersey Shore." Yes, THAT Jersey Shore. But the first time he sailed out in California he got lost up in the San Fransisco Bay Area and found himself in the little bay town of Bodega. I'm originally from Sacramento so he was in my neck of the woods. I grew up going to Bodega Bay with my family, and took Speedracer there on our Honeymoon Roadtrip. About 30-45 minutes had gone by when the Captains cell phone rang. It was one of my friends asking if he had seen a cellphone sitting around because one of the girls couldn't find hers. He said no and hung up. 

Now if you've been paying attention to the story then by now you're thinking "Wait, Why did your friends call the captain? Weren't they still on the boat with you?" and you're thinking what I was thinking at this moment in time. The next few minutes of the conversation between the captain and I went like this:

Him: "They lost a cell phone"
Me: "Wait, why did they call you? Aren't they still on the boat?"
Him: "I didn't even think about that. I haven't seen any of your friends in almost an hour"
Me: "I didn't even notice they weren't here. I thought they were down stairs or out on the deck."
Him: "Ashlee, I think your friends left you"
Me: "Why does this always happen to me!"
Him: "Do you have a way home or are you partying with us?"
Me: "Let me call my Husband, but It will take atleast 45 minutes to get here"
Him: "I think you need a drink"
Me: "Jack and Coke, Please"

The Captain, his Co-Captian, and their 3 friends were laughing WITH me about how strange it was that nobody noticed the rest of the girls had left and I was the only one there. An Hour had gone by! A few moments later the Harbor Police called the captain. I could only imagine what they were saying on the other side of the line but the captain's side was: 

"Yes, This is He. Uh Huh, We are in my boat. No, No. Yes, She's here. Ashlee, whats your last name? Yup, that's her. She's fine. Ashlee, Say Hi so they know you're alive. Did you hear her? Yah, come on over. Okay, See you. Bye" 

And that's when the captain turned to me and said "They think you've been kidnapped" -- I can't make this stuff up people. Jokingly I replied with "Well if Kidnapping is me on a yacht drinking Jack N Coke then alright." We just continued about our evening for the next 20 minutes until Harbor Police could get over the the yacht. We laughed about how funny this unexpected turn was and talk about how we would explain this to people. A few minutes later the Harbor Police Showed up and asked me to get off the yacht. To be honest, he was kind of rude. He then turned what was a "She's been kidnapped" into a "Why didn't you notice your friends were gone?" and of course the captains and their friends came to my defense and said the girls were hanging out with all of us and nobody told me they were getting off the boat and leaving. 

All of us ended up walking back to the parking lot where the girls were waiting. H, the bachelorette, was super apologetic and I was laughing because to me it was a funny experience I would never forget. And she can now tell everyone about the night she thought her friend was kidnapped at her bachelorette party. Successful night? I think so. I returned home and told Speedracer, my parents, and some of our friends that were at my house about my adventure. It's now a running joke. The next morning the Captain texted me and referred to me as "Gone Girl" as a joke for me being missing in action. I will forever be known as the girl he "Kidnapped." What an adventure, Right?

So How am I Thankful for this Experience? 
It's simple, I learned that I can stay calm and make the best out of every situation. I am Thankful for my Humor as well and that I can make a joke out of something that could have been potentially very serious, but I was also smart to call my Husband and let him know where I was and who I was with. I even name dropped everyone on the yacht with me. I didn't see anyone as a threat and they generally didn't realize I was left either. They were professional about it but I think what made them more down to earth was that I just went along and didn't freak out. 

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  1. Haha omg what a crazy adventure! I dream of relaxing on a yacht and having a drink... how can anyone think that's being kidnapped lol!! Glad everything turned out alright :)

    1. Hahaha right? I was like "If this is kidnapped than I'm doing alright." I just couldn't believe what was happening. The harbor police did the whole 'shining the light in my face' while he asked me name. I couldn't help but laugh.


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