Sunday, October 18, 2015

Soulful Sunday

Sunday's are often the days that we hang around the house, do chores, watch football, and relax. This morning, my sweet speedracer is in the garage doing some cleaning and I am enjoying some tea while reading the stories of John the Baptist.

My time with the Lord, while I do my daily devotional's is a very personal and peaceful time. I often think this is the time when my mind is most clear and I am the most at peace with the world; as it should be right? Ever so often I write a post that stems from my devotional of the day and lately I've felt as if the Lord has been calling me to write about his word every Sunday. Soulful Sunday's are going to be a variety of things: What I've read that morning, throughout the week, and just thoughts that have run through my mind in the middle of my chats with the Lord. A group of friends from back in my theatre days and I used to have sleepovers where we would just sit and discuss the Word. It was such a special time because it was interesting to hear how we all interpreted a verse for what was going on in our personal lives. It's amazing how God can talk to each of us in such a personal way, even though he often tells us the same things. This is why I constantly remind people that our journey, our relationship with the Lord...They are all different and they are our own. No relationship with the Lord is the same. and I think that is beautiful. Don't you?

Today I spent 2 hours working with John 1 - 4. I sat with each word and thought about what John and the Lord is teaching us. I am truly inspired. I am inspired to further more follow the lord, like he asked of Philip in John 1:43. I am inspired to go to the Lord with every worry, angry, confusion, and tiredness. John 1 - 4 reminds me that HE IS THERE and all we have to do is Follow and Believe. Today I challenge each of you to focus on something in your life. That doesn't mean you need to focus on John 1 - 4 like I did, but I challenge you to spend time in focus. I believe we often rush through our days. We rush to get to work, get our work done, do our Sunday Chores, and all of the other tasks we face in our daily lives. I read somewhere, okay pinterest, that we should::


and how true should that be? It's an incredible feeling to slow down and do less with more focus. We don't always have to be in this constant state of a fast paced life. We shouldn't have to rush to get tasks done or rush to move to the next thing. That's what I think happens when we realize the days and weeks and months go by quickly. It's because we didn't slow down and focus. What a Shame. 

What do you with you spent more time with? Who do you wish you spent more time with
What are you going to do to slow down your sunday?

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