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Makeup Monday: Fall Edition

Makeup Monday: Fall Edition

Happy Monday Beauties;;
Today I thought I would talk about my makeup in my most recent post on Instagram. I love how creative with Makeup we can get as the months change and the seasons make their appearance. I have green eyes, so working with purple and green tones are my favorite to work with and I get excited when the fall comes around because they are season appropriate! 

I started off with Kat Von D's Lock-it Foundation. I love this foundation because unless I want to add high light under my eyes, I don't need to use concealer. I am all about eliminating steps if I can. KVD's Lock-it Foundation is full coverage foundation that drys to a soft-velvety matte. I like to apply this foundation with a stippling brush to make sure I'm not adding more than I need and then I finish off my application going over it all with a damp beauty blender to thin it out just a tad and to pick up any excess foundation. 

Since I didn't go in with a concealer I decided to use Chella's Highlighter Pencil in "Ivory Lace." It's been my GO TO highlighter pencil for about 2-3 years now and I am obsessed. The Formula is creamy and easy to blend out (I used a damp beauty blender). I placed this on my brow bone, cheek bones, nose, and cupids bow to add a natural highlight. For my Brows, I used my holy grail brow pencil, which is Chella's Dazzling Dark Brown Brow Pencil. Lately I've been loving more natural brows, so I did small, light strokes starting from front to back and then I applied a little more pressure once I got to the "tail" of my brow. I lightly blended everything together with a spoolie brush. 

On a big fluffy brush I grabbed "Deep Skin," and dusted that into my crease. I love using DS as a crease color and a transition color because it's not too light or too dark. It's just the perfect color with a creamy and easy to blend formula. I did my lid color's next (with a palette I will tell you about in a minute) but then I with into the "Outer V" and slightly into the crease with a smaller fluffy brush and added "Deep Cocoa" to add more depth and dimension to the eye. 

For my Lid I sprayed some Mac's Fix-Plus on a small flat
brush and grabbed ahold of a beautiful brownish-plum color from the BH Baked Palette. (2nd color down, under the gold) You don't have to add Fix-Plus to your brush to get a great color payoff because these colors are already so creamy, but I love the metallic affect it gives. I placed about 2 coats of this color and than I grabbed the color next to it (same row, next color over) which is a tannish-pink color. and placed that in the center of the lid. 

After my eyeshadow dried (from the fix-plus) I used a small angled liner brush to apply "Black Out" by Camera Ready Cosmetics. I didn't want a huge wing so I basically followed the width and length of my liner brush (bristles). 

I curled my lashes and then applied 2 coats to my top lashes, lightly rolling my brush as I apply the mascara. I love how this mascara lengthens, straightens, and brings volume to my lashes because I'm not a false lashes kind of girl. I also applied one light layer to the bottom lashes. 

I like allowing my foundation (and if I use concealer that day) to dry before I finish my face makeup and by this point it had. So I grabbed my Contour Kit by ABH (the light to medium) and lightly began to contour my cheeks. I didn't want an intense contour so I worked in small, light applications blending as I went until I found the exact color I desired. I also applied some of the bronze colors to my temple and forehead area, as well as my jaw line to add some warmth and dimension to my face. I also used the Banana powder to set my under eyes.

When I want a light flush of color to the face, Orgasm is the first blush that I reach for. It's a matte blush but has just a little bit of shimmer in it to give your cheeks that extra, youthful glow. I love using this blush all year round because it's so universal for any look. 

These lipsticks are matte and full coverage. I wanted slightly glossy lip for this look but I couldn't resist using this lipstick because I absolutely love the formulation and the color payoff is amazing. I only did one coat of this lipstick, which ended up being perfect because of how pigmented it was. 

I topped off my look with added some "Wine Berry" to my lips to add a glossy touch but also keep the "Wine" colored theme to my lips. I loved this lip combo and was impressed with how this hydrating gloss went over a matte lippie!

And there you have it, my "Fall Inspired" Makeup Monday. I really hope you enjoyed this look and can't wait to share more of my fall inspirations with you in upcoming posts. (Beauty and Non-Beauty Related). What are some your FALL BEAUTY Inspirations??

"Kick off your boots, Grab a Cold one, and Relax a while" 

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  1. I am jealous of your make up skills.. I suck at it!

    ps. glad we are back together again in blogland!

    1. #1 aww you're too sweet. It's taken years of practice.

      #2 I am too. It was too lonely and sad! lol

  2. Great makeup tips!! You looks so gorgeous!!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  3. I love this make up look, great picks for Autum.
    Love from London.

    Ashleigh |

    1. Thank You So Much! :)

      Thank you for stopping by!

      -Ashlee Michelle


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