Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Judgement.

Yesterday during my morning devotional I came across James 4:11. It reads:

"Brothers and Sisters, do not slander one another. Anyone who speaks against a
Brother or a Sister or judges them speaks against the law and judges it. When you
judge the law, you are not keeping it, but sitting in judgement on it."

And it made me do some thinking; it made me look at my life, the past and the present, about the slander and judgement. From me to others and from others to me. It has been a never ending cycle that I think all of us have been apart of. And my question, now, is: When does this cycle stop?  Does it stop when we choose to love our neighbors? Does it stop when we choose to quiet the slander and judgement towards others? Or is it when we choose to wake up every day, accepting our own flaws, and not trying to point out the flaws in others?

Here is what I've come up with:

When we project onto others, with judgement, it's because deep down in our broken souls we are fighting a demon; a demon that we do not wish to face because we don't want our weaknesses to be laid out for all to devour. The demons we hate in the depths of our closets are the ones we try to surface in others; and so we judge. We judge on the way people think, look, act, and live. Maybe it's because we see a familiar demon, or maybe it's out of jealousy, or maybe its even out of hate for the person. But either way, we project on to others because it's easy. 

It's so much easier to hate and to judge. It's in our nature because it's what we were taught in society. Society tells us to be the "alpha," the one on top, the queen bee. Society tells us to bully and use intimidation to gain the respect of our peers. Society tells us to hate and judge others who don't have the same values, opinions, or goals as us. Society tells us to hate and judge those who are different and we listen to society because its easier than becoming an outcast. 

Being an Outcast, we are told is the worst possible thing that one can be. Outcasts are seen as weak and lonely individuals that don't fit in. But in actuality, Outcasts are usually the strong ones who follow what James 4:11 is trying to teach us; to not be judgmental, hate, or follow those who judge. 

Judging others becomes much easier when you surround yourself with others who take part in judging and throw slander. I know this from personal experience and I am not proud. When you surround yourself with those who seem powerful and invincible, it becomes easier to think that you are the same way. When you surround yourself with people who have to make up lies about others and try to reveal their demons, you find yourself running with the crowd because you don't want to be the next target; you don't want your demons to be revealed in the same depths. 

But the truth is, and what God tries to remind us all of, is that we are all sinners. Sometimes we sin the same and sometimes we sin differently. The important lesson to learn and remember is, God is the only leader we should follow. And when we follow him and lay down our sins at his feet, he will rid us of them. He will carry that burden for us so that we don't have to be stuck with the weight of it. At the end of the day, should we be the ones to lay the judgement? Why should we follow the crowd? God didn't. He ate with the prostitutes and loved them just the same, even through their sins. So why can't we do the same for our neighbors? Why can't wait follow James 4:11 and Why can't we love our enemies? When does it stop? Will Stop? Can we choose to stop the judgement?

The truthful answer: WE CAN.

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