Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Living Simply: The Organization Binder

I've been working on staying organized with every thing that I do because I've come to realize that it helps not only keep me on track with the things going on in my life but it also help keep my anxiety down. And so, I decide to create a binder that has everything I need possible in it. And ever since I decided to start living simply, I figured it was the perfect title for my organizational life binder. It is by no means complete, because I've only been at it for a month or so, but I can't wait to add more to my binder as I go on. Here is what I have so far....

My Blog.

The first section of my binder is dedicated to Makeup and Modifieds - there here blog - and all of my ideas and upcoming topics. The first page has a check off list and I like to write in pencil on this page so I can erase as I go. I write down all of the ideas that I have and if I write them, they get erased, if not, they stay in place until they are written or decided on. This keeps me organized and on track with my blogging schedule because sometimes I feel like, we as bloggers, have the need to force a blog post out of us that we don't get time to draft it out and see if we love the ending content. Some of my best ideas and some of my worst ideas have come out of this concept. After this page I have just plain notebook paper, this is where I like to begin writing out my blog post and planning out how each post is going to be laid out. This helps me come the time to sit and type. I also love having this as a space to just write down ideas that happen to pop in my head throughout the day: IE. A quote or some inspiration I stumbled across. 

The 2nd Section is anything and everything that has to do with things around our home. I started off with placing recipes, bills, etc into the back of the clear sheet-protector so that I can keep everything together. After that I have my first list of daily chores. I am horrible at cleaning, I love to clean, but getting the motivation to clean is difficult when I want to be lazy. And so I have written out a daily to-do list of things I'd like to get accomplished through out the day. I find it so much easier to have an already set schedule of what to clean and when, broken down into 2 or 3 chores a day. Following that page is my chore list broken down even more. Into Morning Chores, Afternoon Chores, and Evening Chores. For Example: It's easier to vacuum at night when most people are in bed and not stomping through the house. That means on Friday's when I vacuum it would be a Evening Chore. Next, we have our Bill Tracker. This is just a monthly bill tracker that reminds me of when each bill is due, how much we owe, how much we paid, and when we paid it. We are horrible at remembering when bills are due so this has helped speedracer and I so much lately. Lastly, in another sheet protector I have written out all of our login in names/codes and passwords for everything that we need one for, which is literally everything now-a-days. 

Getting Healthy.

I currently wrote a post called "Tricks to Getting Healthy" where I talk strictly about this section of my binder. You can head over to that post by clicking on the linked title. I talk about every page in this section from: Workout Schedule, Meal Planning, Water In Take, Inspiration, and Weigh-ins. 

Planning Ahead.
In my next section, I knew I needed a space that has full month calendar printouts so I could plan ahead and add any upcoming events to a place where I can see it as a reminder. At the end of each month I plan out the next month, here in about a week I will begin to fill in our October 2015 calendar, which is color coordinated. All of my information is written in Pink, Speedracers is in Blue, Upcoming Events in Purple, Bills in Red, MISC in Black. Planning ahead has helped my anxiety so much because I am always nervous we are forgetting something or will miss something coming up. It also helps the whole entirety of this binders meaning. 

My Favorite Section has to be my Devotional Section. This is the first section I open too every morning. I love having a place where I can keep all my devotionals in one area and refer back to them, easily, when I need too. I love picking up my "Jesus Calling" Daily Devotional Bible and looking up the 2-3 verses of the day. I then grab my personal bible and read each verse and the nearest devotional in that section. Writing down each verse and my connection with it is helping me a lot, it's a personal diary that only me and my very best friend, God, can see and communicate through. I also have an actual Devotional Diary that I keep in a sheet-protecter in this section. 


My Last Section is Misc. and this is where everything else goes. I have reminders, Birthdays, Anniversarys, Phone numbers, ETC all written in this section. I like to call this my very organized, scatter-brain part of the binder. I know everything that is in this section because it's broken down into pieces but this is the area I flip too when I need to write something down quickly and it doesn't really have a spot in the previous sections. I also write daily to-do lists in this section and if that task is something that I find is a reoccurrence then I add it to my Homestead's Chore List. 

Just Remember, to create a binder that works for you. You can have similar sections as me or you can create ones that fit your life. This is just how I like to do things and what helps me for the time being. As I add more to my binder and learn knew was to live a simple life, I will be posting. So for now, Enjoy!!

What are some of your favorite ways to stay organized?

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