Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My Morning Beauty Routine

Let's talk Mornings..
I know you're probably rolling your eyes, taking a big sip of your hot cup of coffee, and mumbling "I hate mornings! why in the world would I want to talk about it?" And here is why: I have a morning routine that will make your mornings less dreadful. I promise this works because I hate mornings too.

Over the years, especially those high school years, I have tried to find ways to make my mornings less dreadful. I wasn't a coffee drinker in high school, I don't think most high school aged kids are, I lived off of energy drinks such as Monster and Rockstar. That was my only source of energy because I didn't wash my face in the morning. I took my showers at night, washed my face, went to sleep, woke up, splashed water on my face, did my makeup and I was out the door. No Morning Skincare routine. My night-time routine was solid though. Around my senior year was when I really started getting into a morning routine, which happened by accident. I fell asleep without taking my makeup off, which is a big no no. So I woke up and washed my face. It was magical. I'm telling you. I was upright and ready to take on the day. and since then I have focused on washing my face both morning and night. Which, I realized is super important.

Here are my absolute favorite morning routine products that re-clean all the gunk off my face, wake my skin up, and get me refreshed for the day:

[ 1 ] Cleanser: I have used Cetaphil for as long as I can remember. We used to use the moisturizer to get the stage makeup off our faces after shows. I found that using Cetaphil cleanser is gentle on my sensitive skin, which is always a plus. They have a cleanser for all skin types so you'll have no problem finding on that fits your skincare needs. When I want to treat myself, I reach for my Michael Todd Honey and Oat's Cleasner.  This product gets deep into your pores to get rid of makeup and gunk that has set deep into your skin. I am so happy I got a Michael Todd exfoliator in my IPSY bag about a year ago because it opened me up to the amazing, beautiful, refreshing, cleansing world that is Michael Todd. 

[ 2 ] Toner: Is it weird that Toner is my favorite part of my skin-care routine?  Just wondering. I love the refreshing, tingly feeling that toner brings to my skin. Toner is important because it shrinks pores, gets out left over makeup, and leaves your skin soft and smooth. I love toners with witch hazel, which is why I'm drawn to Olay's Oil-Minimizing Toner with Witch Hazel.  This particular product has been in my skin care routine for years, it's the toner I keep going back for even when I have another toner in my routine. I can't get away from my Olay. #poet When I want to treat myself, I reach for my FRESH Rose Floral Toner.  This stuff takes a little and goes a long way. I absolutely love using this toner because it does all the same things Olay does but it makes me feel like I'm at a Spa getting some magical facial with a magic potion. I could honestly apply FRESH to my face and my skin will be smooth and moisturized for 24 hours. It's proven, I've done it before. 

[ 3 ] Face Mask/ Eye Mask: When I have a little extra time in the morning I love to use a face mask to wake me up. If not, I apply a mask a night but only twice a week. I have a whole drawer dedicated to face makes but I was recently introduced to BioRepublic Sheet Masks which are absolutely scary on the face but refreshing to the skin. I have to worn my husband when I wear these around the house. The thing I love the most about BioRepublic is how versatile they are. They have 4 different masks to choose from that focus on your skins needs. Cucumber Breeze Soothing Fiber Mask, Aloe Rescue Revitalizing Mask, Green Tea Detox Purifying Mask, and Pomegranate Crush Illuminating Mask are the 4 amazing products they have. All Sensitive, made with vitamins that are good for your skin, and no rinsing involved. When I don't have time for a full face mask or I feel like my eyes are swollen, dry, and red I like to apply soothing eye patches. I received Klorane Eye Patches in my Ipsy Bag a while back and have been in love with eye patches ever since. I have found so many different incredible brands at Ulta, Target, and Sephora. But when I can get my hands on Klorane I do because they are super soothing to the skin, they brighten up my under eyes, and de-puff. 

[ 4 ] Eye Cream: I then love to apply an eye cream, even if I just did eye patches. It's part of my routine. I love reaching for my Nourish Organic's Eye Cream when I am in a rush because I glides on my skin so nicely and the avocado and argan oil really help to brighten my under eyes. When I have more time to pamper myself in the morning (and this is always apart of my night routine) I grab ahold of my Origin's GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream. or what I like to call it, Heaven in a container. My under eye redness and puffiness literally goes "poof" with this refreshing eye cream. It's also super lightweight and doesn't cause irritation to my sensitive skin. 

[ 5 ] Lip Balm: I loved adding a lip balm to my morning routine. I wake up with such dry lips and it's nice to put some balm on my lips to put some moisturizer. Absolute New York's You're the Balm is super moisturizing to the lips, it's almost like a gloss but not sticky. It's been a key product in my every morning routine. 

[ 6 ] Moisturizer: My favorite moisturizer is hands down Josie Maran's 100% Pure Argan Oil I love how this chemical-free, organic oil puts moisture in my skin and keeps my skin smooth all day long. It's definitely a necessity, luxurious product that I always have to have in my beauty collection. When I am searching from another light-weight, more affordable necessity I grab my Olay Dew Over Hydrating Moisturizer. I absolutely love the cooling gel sensation on my skin. 

What is your morning routine? What products do you have to use in the morning to get your day started? Name your beauty poison....

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