Monday, August 31, 2015

My "Day Date" Makeup

My Husband and I love going on dates but sometimes we have to opt for a good day date because Speedracer's work week can go into late hours. We recently decided to do Sunday Day Date's so we could spend the whole day together and enjoy the last of our weekend before the crazy week starts up again. I decided to keep my makeup light and use minimal products to achieve my look. Nobody likes a full face of makeup on a sunday anyways. Right?

With my face washed, moisturized, and primed I started off by using my current favorite concealer.

This concealer is seriously my favorite concealer I have ever used. It's so light weight and looks so much like my skin only better. I love using this concealer on days when I'm wearing minimal, natural makeup but still want to cover up my dark circles and problem areas. USE: I dabbed a little under my eyes, on my lids, and under my nose to eliminate redness and dark circles. I blended in with my ring fingers.

I bounce back and forward between ABH's Vanilla Powder and Banana Powder when I set my under eye concealer. I love the powder's from ABH's Contour Kit because they are super creamy, blend able, and pigmented. I often find that contour and highlighting powder's can be chalky and hard to blend..but not the ones from Anastasia; the formula is great. USE: On my setting brush from real technique's I set my the area's I used concealer on: my under eyes, nose, and eye lids. This makes sure that I don't crease throughout the day. 

This eye liner is new to me but I absolutely have been loving it lately. I got Doucce in my IPSY Glam Bag for the Month of August and I'm so glad that I did. I've reached for this eyeliner every day for the last several weeks. It's perfect for these hot humid day's we've been having here in San Diego because it's waterproof. USE: I tight-lined my upper lashes and then drew a very light, thin line above my eye lashes; no wings, just a straight line to make my eyes stand out.

I don't like false lashes. I know, I know. So many of you are gasping for air right now. But after doing Musical Theatre your whole life and needing to wear falsies on stage, you get tired of applying falsies. I will wear them every now and then but when I was long, full lashes I tend to reach for "Lights, Camera, Lashes" but Tarte because they give you the affect of wearing falsies. USE: I applied two thin coats on the upper lashes, really working the product into the outer corner lashes. and applied one light coat to the bottom lashes. 

Elizabeth Mott is my Fairy God Mother. I absolutely love Tint's and Sass Lip and Cheek Stain because it's easy to blend on the cheeks, brings a beautiful buildable color to your lips, and it smells like cherries. What more could you want in a product, I mean really? One the days, like day dates, when I want to have a natural flush of color to my cheeks I reach for this product. It's definitely a buildable product depending on the color you want your cheeks to be, but I prefer using this has a youthful flush of color. USE: I dab about 3-4 dots on my cheeks and then blend out with my fingers in small circular motions going back towards my hair line. I found using my fingers with this product is easier than using a brush or beauty blender. For my Lips I used two coats because I wanted my lips to have a little more color than just a natural flush of pink. 

Chella's Brow Pencil's and Ivory Lace Highlighter are my two Ride or Die products. They are essential's in my makeup routine whether or not I'm doing a full face of makeup or a natural "no makeup" look. I absolutely love the pigmentation of these two products and how easy they are to use because of their creamy formulation. USE: I filled in my eyebrows following my natural shape and blended out with a spoolie brush to my desired color. Light strokes so that I don't smear the product too far out of my desired lines. I used Ivory Lace to highlight the brow bone, inner corner of my eyes, cheek bones, and cupids bow. Blending out with a damn beauty blender. 

What are your Day Date makeup products?? Do you go for a natural look or a glam look??

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