Monday, August 24, 2015

Back to School: Beauty Essentials

Summer is over (not technically by calendar standards) and everyone has gone back to school. And although I'm not on the student train this semester, I've been thinking about what some of my favorite "Back to School" Essentials were when it came to makeup. I figured it was a good time to share with you all my essentials that I needed to carry in my backpack for the long days at school. Enjoy!

8 Back to School Essentials:

[ 1 ] It Cosmetic's CC+ Color Correcting Cream.
Back when I was in high school BB creams and CC creams were non existing, or if they were they weren't popular. But now that they are, it's on my list. I don't like the idea of carrying around foundation. It's too big, bulky, and too much of a hassle to try to put on foundation in between classes. But BB's and CC's are simple and most importantly light weight. I was all about that "light weight" makeup life in high school. Ain't nobody got time for full glam makeup at 7am. I'm sorry. I absolutely am obsessed with It Cosmetics CC+ because it's super light weight and it takes seconds to blend out into my skin with little to no work. It doesn't clog pores, it's smooth, and super hydrating to the skin. Which is great when you're stuck in a stuffy classroom. I highly recommend It's Cosmetics CC+ for any full-time student who wants flawless skin throughout the day without needing to pile on foundation and do continuous touch ups. 10 out of 10 Stars for Me! 

[ 2 ] Mini Beauty Blender.
Non-Existant Products from my high school days seem to be a trend here, But imma go for it. Everyone needs a beauty blender and that's already a given. What I love about Mini Beauty Blenders is you can throw them in your makeup back and they won't take up room. They are so tiny and portable which I love. My last semester of College I had this with me at all times. It's perfect for those concealer touch ups under your eyes and nose. Instead of trying to get my large beauty blender wet, I can literally pour some water from my water bottle over this mini and I'm all set to go in class. I recommend a Micro. Mini Beauty Blender to those of you who are in class all day and only have minutes to touch up when you need too. 10 out of 10 Stars for Me!

[ 3 ] Urban Decay's Naked Skin Concealer.
Everyone needs a great concealer, and thats why I recommend Urban Decay's Naked Skin Weightless Concealer.  It's literally like you're skin, it's practically invisible while still being a full coverage foundation.I don't know what kind of voodoo magic Urban Decay used on this product but I approve. It's super creamy, blendable, and honestly the best concealer I've ever used. Like, Ever. I like light-weight concealer on the go because just like I mentioned with my CC+ is it's a product you can dab under your eyes and then blend it in quickly. It doesn't crease or melt of your face which is a plus when you've been sitting in classes all day. 10 out of 10 my Urban Friends. 

[ 4 ] NYX Rouge Cream Blush.
I can literally write a book on all of the cream blushes I love from different companies. But NYX has been my ride or die for years and I love their cream blushes. They are affordable which is a huge plus when you're a starving student. NYX Rouge Cream Blush helps add color to your cheeks while staying dewy, youthful, and moisturizing. I rarely have to touch up my blush throughout the day when I use my NYX cream blush. I love how pigmented and buildable these blushes are. I also love that their is no shimmer involved because I have found in a lot of cream blushes there is shimmer chunks when I don't really like. Not for a school setting that is.  10 out of 10 Stars!

[ 5 ] Benefit's They're REAL! Mascara. 
Small, Compact Mascaras are life. Can we all agree on this? Maybe we will agree on this statement when you pick yourself up Benefit's Their Real! Mascara.  The small compact feature isn't the only thing I love about this mascara. I love, love, love the formula. I love how it lengthens my lashes, makes them super bold, but doesn't dry them out with the amount of product I use. Meaning, two coats of mascara. I think a great mascara for school days are important because with great lashes you don't need to fuss with eyeliner. That's what I believe at least. I did my fair share of eyeliner in my school days (VIA 2006 Emo Days) but when I discovered a great mascara my life was changed and my eyeliner content got thinner. 10, 10, 10!

[ 6 ] Burt Bee's Tinted Lip Balm.
Nobody has time for lipstick in school. That's just how it is, at least if you're like me and your mornings consist of lots of coffee. and then your afternoons consist of lots of coffee since your caffeine high is starting to come down from the morning. But that's why I love tinted lip balm. You can keep your lips moisturized in those dry classrooms as well as look cute doing it because of the color. Burt Bee's kept me going in High School. and College. and really still in my every day life. I love the smooth and moisturizing formula. It's like a spa day constantly on my lips. Who can beat that? 10 out of 10! 

[ 7 ] Oil-Absorbing Blotting Sheets. 
I don't have oily skin, never have. So this one I never used but I definitely know the importance of this product. I know friends that live by blotting sheets. They are perfect for those of you with oily skin and need to touch up throughout the day. I did get Clean n Clear blotting sheets from a friend one time in a little gift basket and I tried them out where I could to see how they work. and I totally recommend them because they are easy to work with and remove the shine off your face.

[ 8 ] Hair Ties. 
Not technically a makeup product but definitely a beauty essential. My school days always started off with cute hair and by 4th period my hair was up in a ponytail. I constantly need a hair the around my wrist incase I need to throw my hair up. PE and Exams are the perfect excuse to throw your hair up and get it out of your face. Don't you agree?

And there you have it, my 8 essentials to make it through those dreadful school days. I think a few statement products is perfect to carry around in your backpack instead of trying to bring brushes, compacts, palettes, foundation bottles. ETC. it's all about finding those statement products that work for you and your busy school schedule. I also know that in high school my teachers were constantly looking at girls who would bust out a desk mirror to "freshen up"...(YES IT HAPPENED) and then there was little old me in the back who had like 6 products and touched up her makeup in the reflection of her flip phone. you know, because reverse cameras weren't a thing yet. (I'm only 25, why do I sound so old?) *gulp*

What are your Back to School Beauty Essentials? COMMENT BELOW!

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